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Practical Oral Sex Instructions


Oral sex is one of the most erotic of pleasures you can give to your partner. Here are certain things you can try

o The most important thing you should do before you get down to oral sex is to reassure her. Most women feel that they don’t smell great there and their partner does not enjoy being there. Most women smell quite mild and sexy there. If you are not very comfortable with it, suggest a nice bath together first.

o Next thing you need to remember is that you can do nothing wrong there. As long as you are not being too rough, you can’t go wrong. Any licking, caress or sucking will be welcome, so don’t feel inhibited about trying it out. The areas to stress on include the entrance to her vagina, the clitoris etc. Remember, once you find something she likes, stick to it. This is unless you are teasing her or have found something better already!

o There are a number of strokes you can try. Set out your tongue in a firm way and give her long strokes all around the sensitive areas. When you get to a spot that is particularly sensitive for her, stick to it.

o Make fast movements with your tongue when she is getting a bit excited. This will get her really excited. Remember at all these times, you should maintain a steady rhythm.

o In the process of trying too hard, men often forget that they need to enjoy the process also. Remember, she needs to feel that you are really enjoying yourself there. This will give her all the excitement she can get from this intimate act. She can never enjoy it fully if she is still feeling unsure about herself there. So take time and enjoy the whole process together. This is key to getting the best out of oral sex.

Try out these oral sex instructions and get the most out of it.

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