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The Effects Of Environmental Degradation


One of the biggest threats that the environment faces today is environmental degradation. This degradation is taking place at a frightening rate. However, many of you must be wondering what is environmental degradation. It is a process where the natural environment is so severely affected that the biodiversity of the region is adversely affected. It is basically the deterioration of nature through human activities like deforestation, pollution and industrialization. However, even some natural processes can cause environmental degradation.

One of the main reasons for environmental degradation is human activity. Rampant burning of fossil fuel and deforestation are major causes of this degradation. Also, over hunting, expansion of residential areas, increasing population and industrialization are degrading the environment beyond repair. The toxic chemicals let out by industries end up contaminating the water bodies. This, in turn, makes the water bodies polluted and the water is not fit for drinking or irrigating land. Also, greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, are contributing to the gradual warming of the planet, a process known as global warming. This warming is having a negative impact on the climate and we can observe climate change everywhere. Agricultural activities are wreaking havoc with the environment. Agriculture is leading to degradation of the soil and contamination of ground water due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers.

The only way to stem environmental degradation is through sustainable means. In order to stop the use of fossil fuels, we should resort to using alternative sources of energy like solar energy or wind energy. Rather than using chemical fertilizers, we should start using organic fertilizers and look for other organic means to make the soil more productive. It is in our hands to stop the irreversible damage that is taking place and we should look for means to stop it. Once the reasons for environmental degradation have been identified, steps should be taken to eliminate them.

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