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Bridal Shower – 5 Themes You Can Use For Your Bridal Shower Party


Is it your job to host a bridal shower party? Why not create a truly memorable event by choosing a theme for the occasion? A theme will help you put together the necessary elements and also provide focus in terms of games, clothes, food and decor. Here are some bridal shower themes you might want to try:

1. Movie diva

Is the bride a big fan of the movies? Come to a greatest-hit-movie shower party dressed up as a famous movie character. Decorate the room with movie posters and exchange gifts like DVDs, movie memorabilia and merchandise. Piece together a short bio of both the bride and groom using snippets from her favorite movies and play this during the shower.

2. Lingerie time

Lingerie is a favorite gift for bridal showers so why not use it as a theme? Guests don’t have to come in their favorite lingerie, but that can be optional. Dress up the room in soft but deep colors and bring lingerie as gifts for the bride.

3. A garden party

A bridal shower outdoors offers a lot of fresh air and scents. Try a garden-inspired bridal shower theme with flowers, vines, herbs and decorated trellises. Dress up in pastel-colored floral prints, wear hats, have a tea party. If you’re having the shower at night, brighten the occasion with lanterns hung from tree branches, tea lights or floating candles.

4. Pantry party

The bride will be cooking for two, so why not host a bridal shower party with a theme that focuses on her cooking skills? This is a great opportunity to learn new things, so let every guest bring a favorite recipe along with the necessary ingredients to help the bride start on the right foot.

5. Let’s spoil the bride

This is the bride’s special day before her wedding, so why not help her relax by hosting a bridal shower party like a luxurious spa? Set up scented candles, deep and soft cushions, oversized pillows, New Age music and exchange bath and beauty products. Have a group facial and exchange beauty tips. It’s a great way to celebrate an important occasion and cement your friendship.

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