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Premature Ejaculation Treatment – What is the Best Method?


One of the most frequent questions I hear men ask is where can I find the best premature ejaculation treatments. Well, the truth is finding treatments for PE is not a difficult thing to do. The problem is finding an effective treatment that will work and not cost you an arm and a leg. In this article we will discuss many of the treatments that are being used now, and I also will reveal the secret method that worked for me and cured my early ejaculation.

While searching for premature ejaculation treatments I’m sure you have come across several techniques to cure this problem. You will find everything from pills, desensitizing sprays,and special condoms to help last longer in bed. Some of these treatments may give you a few extra minutes, but the problem is that it doesn’t address the real reason causes of PE. The problem is most likely due to excessive masturbation in the past, you have trained your ejaculatory reflex to ejaculate as quickly as possible. Once you learn you how to gain control over your ejaculatory reflex, you will have control total control over when you would like to come, and this will give you as much stamina as you need to make your lady happy.

Other methods being applied is the squeeze technique. This method teaches men to engage in intercourse as usual until you feel yourself getting ready to come. When you feel this happening ask your woman to squeeze the tip of the penis and hold it for however long it takes until you no longer feel the urge to ejaculate. The problem with this option is that lots of men have reported a less powerful erection after applying the squeeze technique which can be nearly as embarrassing as early ejaculation itself.

We don’t have time to discuss all the premature ejaculation treatments being offered, so we will discuss what has worked best for me. A program called the ejaculation trainer has been the most successful for me. This is a training program that taught me how to control my excitement before intercourse, and how to control my ejaculatory reflex so I can actually come when I decide too.

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