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As a Male Do You Ask This Question – Can Men Contract Yeast Infections?


Loads of men want to know the answer to this question – can men get yeast infections?  The concise answer to this query is – sure they can. Men, like women, can become infected; nonetheless, the incidents of men becoming contaminated are not as likely because the fungus that instigate the infection, candida albicans, have a propensity to increase more in warm, moist and dark areas such as a woman’s vagina than on the exterior of the male penis. Nevertheless, men who have not undergone circumcision would be more open to contamination compared to those who have.

The likelihood of men becoming contaminated is increased if they indulge in sex with a female who is currently suffering from thrush. Moreover, neglecting to keep the head of the penis uncontaminated by daily gently washing beneath the foreskin can also promote the infection in men.

Men also, like women, should take immediate action against any type of contamination in the genital region and if you have never experienced the symptoms of yeast infection previously, you would be sensible to seek a medical opinion initially to identify the condition as it may perhaps be some other disease of the genitals.

If you have problems with a poor immune system or are suffering from HIV you would be more liable to infection too. If you have been taking a prescribed course of antibiotics for some other bacterial infection, this too can promote a yeast infection as good bacteria are killed off with the harmful ones and that creates an imbalance of bacteria which can encourage yeast infection. Victims of diabetes should also be aware that they are also more susceptible to yeast infection.

The symptoms of candidiasis in men and women is similar  in that the contaminated region can be inflamed and angry looking with small pustules evident on the surface of the skin. You will also experience localized discomfort and itchiness. Other symptoms may include a uncontrolled discharge from the penis, a burning sensation while urinating, there may also be a fishy smell from the area as well.

Engaging in sex with your spouse/partner can result in a non-pleasurable experience if you are both infected. If you cannot avoid having sex, which is advised against until you are both uninfected, the assistance of a condom and lubricating gel will be of some assistance to lessen the discomfort.

The consumption of alcohol, especially beer, needs to be reduced if you are suffering or suspect you might be suffering from yeast infection as the yeast and sugar content will help to exacerbate the condition. It will also be important to limit the consumption of sweets and cakes.

Candida albicans are the fungi spores that, left untreated, can travel through the bloodstream to other vital organs of the body and creats infections on them. As a result, you will really start to feel listless and lethargic.

If you believe that you may have candidiasis an early visit to your medical practitioner or health specialist will confirm or negate your suspicions. If the diagnosis is in the affirmative then ask if you can be treated with natural preparations other than taking tablets and other drugs.

Can men get yeast infections? Unfortunately, yes. There is a cure for it and the sooner you get help, the better. 

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