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Why Choose a Protein Shake Rapid Weight Loss Program?


First thing you need to do with any rapid weight loss program is to sit down and think seriously about what you want from the program.

– How much weight do you want to lose?

– When do you want to lose it for? (Special event; wedding, family function, summer fashions, holiday etc)

– Think about what you have tried before. Why didn’t it work? This time you want to use a weight loss process that will get the results that you want, let you keep trim, looking great, and feeling full of energy. That means you will have to know what you want to achieve and be prepared to do your work towards achieving the new you.

– Do you have any health problems? If you have an existing health problem then it may affect the speed that a rapid weight loss program will give you the results you want.

Once you have these things clear in your mind then you are able to plan out what rapid weight loss program suits your own personal needs.

If you have a good program, and you do not have health issues or medications interfering with your body’s ability to lose weight, then you should realistically be able to lose a kilo (2+ pounds) a week and aim to have trimmed 4 or 5 kilo’s (10 – 12 pounds) within the first month.

There are people who use a protein shake based rapid weight loss program who lose a lot more than this. It depends on how seriously you stick to the program and what condition your body is before you start.

Medical authorities are strongly against any rapid weight loss program that reduces weight by more than 1 kilo (2 – 2.5 pounds) a week.

If you plan to lose weight at that rate you can drop a dress size or a pant size very quickly and feel great while you do it.

Space food.

The idea of using a protein shake as the foundation of a meal replacement has been used since the 1980’s and came directly out of the work that NASA did in America when preparing their astronauts for the Apollo missions when they put men into space.

They needed a way to get total nutrition to support fit and active men but in a way that was as light as possible. It had to have everything they needed to be healthy without anything extra.

The result worked well for the space missions but was not a taste sensation. Astronauts wanted fuel for their body and the early shakes were gritty, tasted floury and had flavors that only vaguely matched the names on the labels.

They were difficult to mix into liquids and people did not look forward to using them.

Now, 40 years later, the meal replacement industry is a multi Billion dollar industry with products that are scientifically proven, professionally packed, professionally presented, taste great, mix well and that are a pleasure to use.

If you are looking for a rapid weight loss program then top quality meal replacement protein shakes are among the best options for safe and effective weight loss.

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