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Female Sexual Wellness – A 5 Step Simple Solution to Increase Libido


As many as 30% of women suffer from low libido and while drug companies want to use their products to increase female sexual wellness there is a simple 5 step natural solution that can and will help.

Let’s look at a 5 point plan to increase female libido and sexual wellness.

1. Fish Oil

We all know its good for us anyway, and the good news is it is also a great boost for flagging libido.


Quite simply it contains Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) both these can boost the levels of the feel good chemical in the brain – Dopamine.

Dopamine helps us increase the emotions of anticipation and desire and is very effective in reviving libido.

Furthermore, fish oil can also improve overall blood flow which is critical in female libido.

Recommended levels are 1,700 mgs of EPA and 1,500 mgs DHA daily.

This is a lot and you should rely on a supplement as well as eating oily fish such as:

Salmon, mackerel and sardines.

Good news for girls is that chocolate is also great at increasing dopamine!

A few squares a day should be eaten – choose a brand with at least 70% cocoa solids.

2. Serotonin levels don’t overdo them

Cigarettes, coffee and starch produce it. While we need serotonin as it helps us feel alert, helps us deal with stress etc – it is not a relaxant and therefore you may feel to hyper for sex.

Avoiding or cutting down on the above foods will keep levels in balance and will mean that you will feel relaxed enough for sex.

3. Testosterone

You need this!

It has been shown that it can be suppressed by the hormone – globulin so it is important not to have too much of this.

To keep levels down take the minerals of zinc and magnesium. Up to 10mgs of zinc and 300 mgs of magnesium are enough.

Both these minerals will boost testosterone and keep globulin at bay.

4. Eat well

Increase levels of protein to 30% daily – to boost testosterone in association with the above mineral supplements.

Fat should be healthy like fish oil and mono saturated use olive oil in your cooking, eat healthy oily fish and eat lean meat.

Then get good carbohydrates to make up the rest of your diet. Keep them natural:

Avoid white bread and sugary and starchy foods – This will keep testosterone levels up and serotonin levels down to healthy levels.

Make sure you have a least five portions of vegetables per day, to provide energy and prevent Serotonin spikes.

5. Take healthy women’s supplements

Good herbs to take for all round women’s health are:

Dong Quai and Saw palmetto.

You should also take evening primrose oil.

The three supplements above are great for all round women’s health and also have an influence on women’s sexual wellness as well.

Throw in some regular exercise and if you are generally fit and healthy, watch libido and overall sexual wellness increase.

Source by Kelly Price

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