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Amway Product Review – How Good Are The Amway Products?


Amway Products – The Good

Amway are a network marketing company that were founded in 1958 by best friends Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel. The company always get criticized, yet it is still going strong more than 40 years after it was created, so it can’t be all bad.

People have often called Amway a scam because they say the products are no good, but this is not true. Amway sell a wide variety of decent products including health care products, beauty products, homeware, cooking utensils, and cleaning products. These are products which are well in demand, and proven to sell well in the network marketing business model.

The company’s first product all those years ago was called Nutrilite, and Nutrilite is now the name of a whole range of Amway health products including multi-vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, sports enhancers, and weight-loss.

Amway Products – The Bad

So if the products are good, and supported by scientific research, why do so many Amway Distributors still fail?

The answer is not that the products are bad, but that people go about trying to sell them in the wrong way. Amway actually offers a decent opportunity to anyone who has the right skill-set and business acumen to be able to take full advantage of it. If you don’t have the required skill-set you can always learn them, they are not difficult and they are not expensive.

What you need to do to really make the most of your Amway products is to learn the art and science of target marketing. Target marketing is the opposite of warm marketing, which is what most Amway Distributors are doing right now.

Warm marketing methods include only trying to sell your products to your family and friends, spending a lot of money on making CDs, DVDs, business cards, flyers, adverts, and other promotional materials, inviting people to sales parties or presentations, and giving away a lot of free samples. Do these sound familiar? They should do, because it is what almost all unsuccessful network marketers are doing.

Target marketing means only trying to sell your Amway products to people that you know are interested. It involves using the internet to promote your products to a huge potential market for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods. It means positioning yourself as an expert, so that interested people come to YOU, of their own accord.

The Truth About The Amway Products

So the truth about Amway is that their products are good, and can make you money. You just need to know how to sell them.

To find out more about using the principles of target marketing to sell your Amway Products, see the Amway Distributors’ Bible.

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