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What Soap is Good For Eczema? How to Treat Dermatitis


When you suffer from eczema and want to get rid of it, it can be tempting to shower frequently or take a couple of baths a day. This is not the best approach as drying out the skin and stripping it’s natural oils will only aggravate the eczema condition. How should you care for you skin when it is broken out in red patches and eruptions due to dermatitis?

First of all, you should not neglect showering or bathing in order to preserve the body’s natural oil composition. However, it is best to take brief showers using warm or tepid water, rather than hot water. When you are in the shower or bath, use a soap made for sensitive skin problems. This often will state that it is dermatologist recommended. It is fine to use natural oils in the bath such as olive oil or coconut oil, but don’t add in bath oils as they may have fragrances or chemicals that can increase the rash and spread it.

Be sure to not rub the skin hard with a wash cloth and definitely refrain from using a loofah brush on the body. Gentleness is important with eczema to assist the healing process. Putting oatmeal into the bath is good for your skin and will reduce the itching from atopic, contact dermatitis, nummular eczema and other related problems. As a side note, try to gather this up as you drain the tub to not clog anything.

After the shower or bath, put on a moisturizer or use a natural oil immediately while your skin is still slightly wet. Moisturize again a second time during the day as well. Proper cleansing of the skin is important to prevent bacterial infections (especially if someone is scratching). However, keep the showers or baths brief so your skin will stay hydrated.

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