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What Causes a Yeast Infection on the Buttocks? How to Get Rid of It


One of the most annoying things you will have to experience is yeast infection on the buttocks. Unlike yeast infection in the pubic area, this type is experienced by men as frequently as women. Have you ever experienced the urge to scratch that itch while you’re in a very important presentation or meeting at work? The embarrassment cannot be compared to anything else. This is why you have to know the causes of yeast infection on the buttocks so that you can prevent or remedy the situation.

The most common cause of the infection in this area is poor hygiene and tight underpants. Yeast lives on moisture, and nothing can be more welcoming to this fungal growth than the crack on your buttocks. To make sure that you don’t promote the growth of yeast in that area, change into dry, clean underpants as much as you can. This goes for both genders. You should also avoid wearing tight pants.

Sometimes, the infection in this area is also a sign that one has systemic or intestinal yeast infection. This is slightly more serious because this type of infection can invade the blood stream and poison the patient. If you suspect that you have this type of infection (i.e. if you feel discomfort in your stomach or you also have symptoms of oral thrush) consult your physician. He can prescribe you stronger medicine to fight off the fungal infection. Make sure that you try to improve your diet and lifestyle even after your treatment. Treatments should always be taken holistically.

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