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Tropical Fish Disease


One of the very distressing times in tropical fish keeping hobby is disease.

Here are few tropical fish diseases.

1) Appetite Loss of tropical fish

When you put new fish in the tank they stop eating because of the environment problem or new fish can be slow to feed because of stress.

For Environmental problem look for any manifestations of disease and buy a simple waster tester. For stress keep patient with tropical fish they will get back to normal appetite soon or look for other signs of disease.

2) Small and white spots on the Body, head and fins of tropical fish.

It could be whitespot (Ichthyophthirius). This is very common disease in new aquarium. There are few different cures for this. 1 teaspoon salt per gallon could be one of the cures.

3) Whitish Film over the eye of the tropical fish.

This could be because of poor water quality, chlorine poisoning or eye fluke.For poor water quality you have to change the water. For chlorine poisoning you should condition tap water before using it. For eye fluke please use proper medication.

4) Effect of Cotton Wool on the tropical fish body

It could be fungus or mouth fungus (columnarius). To cure this disease you can use anti fungus medication and a salt bath (1 teaspoon per gallon)

5) Pop Eye – cloudy eyes from infection or eye protrude from head.

Pop eye could be because of bacteria, poor water quality vitamin deficiency etc.

Treatment: this is hard to treat disease; broad spectrum antibiotic can be used to cure this.

Source by John F Dixon

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