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The 9 Must Have Vitamins Approved By Dr. Clarke (The ND For Vitamin Agent.com For Healthy Hair


Hair is one of the most important aspects or features of a person’s beauty and appearance. Hair makes you more charming when combed in a stylish manner. But there are numbers of hair problems, which lead either in their loss or their fading the original color. Often, these problems occur when you do not take a diet rich of necessary vitamins, which are vital for hair growth. You are required to consume the food that are rich source of vitamin B, B3, B5, B6. This is because vitamin B is one of the most vital vitamins for healthy hair. However, the deficiency of any of these vitamins may cause the hair loss or premature graying of hair as well as many other problems of hair.

Here, we provide you with the necessary information of various vitamins required for hair and different sources of essential vitamins.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A helps in producing the healthy sebum in your scalp. Vitamin A can be obtained from meat, fish liver oil, eggs, spinach, broccoli, cheese, apricots, carrots, cabbage, peaches, and milk. The advisable daily dose of this vitamin is minimum 5,000 IU. But if this vitamin is taken more than 25,000 IU daily, that may cause hair damage or some other serious health hazards.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is useful for nurturing the health of hair and skin. Vitamin C can be obtained from pineapple, strawberries, green peppers, leaf vegetables, citrus fruits, dark green vegetables, cantaloupe, kiwi, tomatoes, and potatoes. The advisable daily dose of Vitamin C is 60 mg.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is useful in nourishing scalp circulation. Vitamin E is obtained from green leaf vegetables, soybeans, nuts, raw seeds, wheat germ oil, and cold pressed vegetables oils. The daily advisable dose of this vitamin is up to 400 mg if this vitamin is taken in excess it can increase the blood pressure or can reduce the clotting of blood.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin):

Vitamin B3 helps in promoting scalp circulation. The common sources of vitamin B3 are meat, fish, turkey, chicken, wheat germ, and brewer’s yeast, daily dose advised is upto 15 mg. If taken more than 25 mg daily, may cause temporary heat sensation through dilation of blood cells, which is also known as niacin flush.

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid):

Vitamin B5 helps in preventing the graying and loss of hair. This vitamin can be found in egg yolk, milk, organ meats, whole grain cereals, potatoes and brewer’s yeast. The daily dose advised is between 4 to 7 mg.

Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 helps in creating melanin, which provides color to hair. It also helps in preventing the hair loss. The foods that provide vitamin B6 are organ meats, egg yolks, vegetables, whole grain cereals, and brewer’s yeast. Daily advised dose of Vitamin B6 is 1.6 mg. However, an excess dose may result in numbness of hands and feet.

Vitamin B12:

This vitamin also helps in preventing the hair loss. The sources of Vitamin B12 are milk, fish, chicken, and eggs. The advised daily dose of Vitamin B12 is 2 mg.


Biotin is also called vitamin H. it helps in preventing the hair from losing its color and it also controls baldness. Biotin is obtained from whole grains, milk, rice and liver.

Zinc: Zinc helps in proper functioning of immunity system. The scarcity of zinc in your food may result in baldness and scalp problems.

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