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5 Foods To Avoid With Gout – Do Not Eat These During A Flare-Up


All people are different, and what one person eats might not really be a problem for them, while others might be struggling with the very same diet. For those that are having struggles with what to eat and what not to eat, especially if they have gout, there is hope. Consider the following 5 foods to avoid with gout, and make sure you’re in the clear if you move forward.

If you or someone you know is feeling pain in the joints, has problem with their big toe, and just can’t seem to shake the notion of illness, it’s important to shake things up in terms of meals. No one deserves to be sick, and no one should feel like they are not getting better, and for some, eating doesn’t seem to be triggering sickness, but that’s not always the case. Those that look at foods to avoid with gout will see improvements if they follow this simple plan of avoidance.

The first thing to avoid is going to make some men cry; it is none other than bacon. That’s right, the amazing product can really have a bad deal for a person that is fighting ailments. The purines and nitrates found in the savory meat can really cause people stress. Avoid this one at all cost.

Secondly, and hinging on the above, avoid heavily processed hot dogs. There are some very specific brands that you can eat, but for the most part, you’ll want to avoid hot dogs. These are usually full of nitrates, several different animal parts, and not too healthy to begin with.

Other types of foods to avoid with gout is seafood. Shellfish, and all other creatures of the sea contain levels of mercury, but also can have debris and many other impurities that aggravate the ailment further. Do not be fooled by those that say some fish is healthy, because if you’re suffering from gout, it can only make matters worse.

A fourth kind of foods to avoid with gout is poultry, at least if you’re planning on eating it on a daily basis. If you’re continually eating chicken, and not much else, the diet is going to hurt the outcome of your remedy.

The last type of foods to avoid with gout is alcohol. Alright, so this is not a food, but excessive drinking, and especially too much beer is a root cause of gout in some individuals. Avoid drinking during the recovery process and then try to keep things under check when over the hill of medical problems.

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