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MRSA Staph Infection


Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus auereus or MRSA is a deadly strain of the staph infection, and medical researchers have lately termed it as the ‘Super Bug’. This nickname is quite fitting for this lethal infection, especially after the turbulence it has caused in the both the medical world and the normal population. The basic cause behind a staph infection is the staph bacteria, which are quite common, and almost one-fourth of the adults carry them.

Mostly staph bacteria have been found to be existent on the skin or inside to nose of a carrier, but our body immune system, normally, takes care of them. They can be potentially dangerous if contracted through direct contact with open skin, but even then the worst they can do is make pimples on your skin. The easiest prey for staph bacteria are children, elderly people and patients, as their immune systems are much weaker. When staph enters a weaker immune system, it obliterates an amino acid compound which results in exploding our critical body cells, and we start showing some rather serious symptoms.

Even if we ignore the fact that MRSA bacteria are Methicillin-resistant, that is, they are unaffected by anti-biotic treatments, still they pose a great threat to human health. Staph infection is caused when the staph bacteria enter the body to weaken the immune system, endangering the health of an already vulnerable patient. The initial signs seem to be quite trivial, appearing as red bumps or an insect bite, but as time passes, they deteriorate into pustules which can only be treated through a surgery.

If these pustules are not drained through a surgery, the danger can become even greater as this deadly infection will find its way to the internal organs. Youngsters, children, elderly people and patients, who have a relatively weak immune system have a very high rate of losing their lives, after contracting the deadly MRSA infection.

Usually an ordinary staph infection is treated by antibiotics like methicillin and penicillin, but MRSA bacteria have developed the ability to resist even the best antibiotics. Owing to this fact, many medical experts call for the use of the newest and most potent antibiotics, but most of them only further endanger the life of the patient. Now it has become a war between the researchers who are coming up with the latest antibiotics, and the deadly MRSA bacteria which develops the capability to resist even the newest cures.

But unfortunately, the bacteria are winning this war as they have the power to grow resistant to even the best antibiotics; therefore, the best weapon to stop this lethal infection is ‘prevention’. By making sure that we keep our hospitals and communities clean and healthy and by checking our skin conditions on a regular basis, we can save our children from this menace.

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