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Natural Remedy Using Herbs for Weight Loss


Herbs are small flowering plants. They have been used for ages by humans for the treatment of diseases and for nutrition. There are hundreds of different kinds of herbs, each with its own special properties.

Many of today’s medicines such as aspirin and morphine have their origins on active elements found in herbs. Aspirin comes from willow trees while morphine from the seeds of the opium poppy. Actually, many herbs by their own can cure many diseases including cancers and cardiovascular disease. For example, Graviola contains natural compounds that have cytotoxic activity to prevent abnormal cellular division. Thus it is used for immune support and cleaning abnormal tissue growth. Hawthorn berry, on the other hand, is a tonic for all heart related issues. It nourishes the heart, increases oxygen flow to the heart muscle and improves circulation.

Some herbs are renowned for their unique ability to maintain metabolism and lessen appetite. This is pretty much how it works to reduce weight. For example, Ehedra and Safflower oil help increase our metabolic rate so that the body burns fats more efficiently, Onion also helps increase calorie burn in the body, Burdock and Chickweed help fat metabolism, Catnip removes toxins from the body so that the fatty tissue can be metabolized. Licorice root helps decrease cravings for sweet foods while Damiana delays gastric emptying, to name a few.

In Dr. John Raymond Christopher’s weight loss herbal formula, he combined chickweed, safflower flowers, burdock root, parsley, Norwegian kelp, licorice root, fennel seed, echinacea, black walnut hulls, papaya leaves and hawthorn berries together to treat overweight and obesity.

In this formula, licorice root, as mentioned, is used to curb the appetite and relieve cravings. The same for fennel seed. As the body holds on to fat reserves if it is missing essential trace elements, kelp and parsley help provide the necessary nutrients. Papaya leaves can help with metabolism and absorption while the other herbs help cleanse the blood and regulate the adrenal and thyroid glands.

Basically, herbs that effect weight loss would have one or more of the following effects:

1. Reduce appetite

2. Stimulate bowel motor activity

3. Regulate proper functioning of thyroid and adrenal glands

4. Remove toxins from the body

5. Enhance the immune system.

Differed from weight loss pills, usually herbs do not have any side effects if taken in small doses. But they can regulate our body metabolism while help rebuild our tissues and enhance tissue functions. They are from the creation of God. In fact, successful, healthy weight loss and maintenance is through healing the metabolism.

Source by Frank Y. S.

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