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Healing Allergies With Holistic Medicine


Allergies have become very common in our modern culture. They show up in the form of environmental allergies, chemical sensitivities, or food allergies. Allergies can be annoying at best, and life threatening at worst. However, there are natural and holistic treatments to uncover the cause of your allergies and heal them for good.

Where do allergies come from? Most often the root cause can be found in the dysfunction of the gut and liver. Among the liver’s many important jobs are; filtering the blood, removing toxins, and breaking down hormones. When liver function is stagnated, toxins are not removed from the blood as quickly, and the flow of bile slows down. Bile is important for the proper digestion of foods that enter the small intestine. When food is allowed to rot in the intestine only partially digested due to insufficient bile, the intestinal lining can be damaged. Biofilms (pockets of infection) form and damage the brush border cells of the small intestine. These cells create the barrier between what is meant to remain inside the intestinal wall, and the blood and tissue located outside the wall. When intestinal permeability is increased due to the damage of the protective lining, tiny traces of food or toxins, parasites and intestinal bacteria can enter the blood stream causing an immune response in the body. This damage is often referred to as Leaky Gut Syndrome. The immune response will often lead to allergies, as well as various autoimmune and neurological diseases. Damage to the brush border cells also inhibits the absorption of key nutrients needed for optimal health, slowing the body’s ability to heal.

Healing allergies requires healing the gut lining, removing harmful bacteria, parasites and viruses, and cleansing the liver. Rebuilding intestinal integrity will guard against the reoccurence of allergies or other immune related responses. All these functions can be completed through the use of nutrients and herbs over the course of several months. Holistic healing of allergies addresses both the symptoms and the root cause, eliminating allergies for good.

Proper lifestyle choices should be taken to keep the gut and liver healthy. Common causes to be avoided include:

~ Using antibiotics without probiotics to restore healthy gut flora

~ Diet of refined sugar and processed food

~ Use of anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen), birth control,

antacids, steroids, and chemo drugs.

~ Drinking too much alcohol

~ Poor digestion (lack of digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid)

~ Lack of dietary fiber

~ Parasitic and bacterial infections

~ High stress lifestyle

For more information on how you can heal your allergies for good and attain optimal health, please contact the office at 407-328-6711

Source by Kathy Veon, AP, DOM


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