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Super Anti-Inflammatory Foods


Your joints is an engineering masterpiece designed to perfection, so much that us humans are constantly trying to copy the this intricate design. Our body has various signals to indicate the condition of our joints. When there is swelling it sends out signals which we feel as pain. Sometime things get a little serious like chronic inflammation which leads to serious conditions sometime it can go to the extent of being life threatening like cancer and heart disease.

Various factors are identified as contributing factors to inflammation. Researchers associate the degree of inflammation to factors like the amount of stress you go through, your lifestyle, the activity – rest cycle and most importantly the quality and quantity of food you put into our body. When all the above mentioned factors are present in various proportions, the cumulative effect will lead to greater chances of the disease.

As we age our body doesn’t function as efficiently as it used to and we are more prone to injuries and most importantly the ability of the body to heal is also affected. Even the most strongest of us can be affected because this reduced efficiency of the body. Our body is naturally equipped to combat inflammation to certain levels beyond which the conditions goes on deteriorating. Initially body will send out the pain signal and when ignored constantly it goes to severe inflammation mode and with this imbalance other problems creep up as well.

There are things which are beyond our control but good news is that the major contributing factor is within our control, which is our diet. One of the most effective ways is to pursue natural ways to fight inflammation as opposed to other treatment options like drugs, steroids and in extreme case surgery.

Key to Controlling Inflammation

It’s a no brainier that you are what you eat and the you eat will affect the way our body functions. Even though it’s a known fact sometimes we fall prey to the temptation. Surprisingly it’s the food which tastes really good are our worst enemies. Lets say sugary foods, fatty meat especially red meat salty foods add to this our answer to the quest for convenience – the so called processed foods which is like adding oil to fire when it comes to inflammations but also instigate other health problems, the most noted being obesity. When you are over weight, you put more stress on your joints leading to greater chances of inflammation. The key is to break this habit or craving and incorporate whole food into your diet. Below is a list of food to watch out for

Inflammatory foods

Sugary Foods

Deep Fried Foods

Dairy Foods



Now for the good list, bear in mind that this is only a guide , try to vary the combinations so that you don’t get bored with the diet and don’t the mistake to cut the bad foods straight out, you will crave for it later and then in give in to the temptation.

Anti-inflammatory foods

Green Tea

Ginger and turmeric (very good for inflammation

Salmon and other fatty fish like mackerel

Fruits and Vegetables – Aim for five colors



Fruit Juice

Use the above list as guide and to keep it simple , remember to keep away from FASS ( fats, alcohol, salt, sugar). Have more anti inflammatory foods and you will be pain free naturally.

Source by Melvin Michael

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