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Foods That Will Make Your Underactive Thyroid Symptoms Worse


Are you suffering from underactive thyroid symptoms? If so, there are certain foods that you should do your best to avoid because they can actually make your condition worse. Here is a list of the top 10 foods to avoid if you have any underactive thyroid symptoms.

1. White breads – This food makes it hard for the body to regulate insulin and also disrupts hormonal balance within the body.

2. Caffeine – We all love caffeine, most of us have it on a daily basis in coffee or sodas. However, caffeine depresses thyroid function and will only make your underactive thyroid symptoms worse. Even though caffeine is a stimulant, it is no good for stimulating your thyroid.

3. Broccoli – We all assume that we should be eating our vegetables, but this is one you will want to stay away from. This is because broccoli is considered a goitrogenic food. That means that consuming too much broccoli can increase the likelihood that you’ll develop a goiter somewhere on your body.

This would be due to decreased thyroid hormone production. In addition, the entire family of goitrogenic foods can nullify the effects of some thyroid medicines, so keep this in mind.

4. Peaches – also considered a goitrogenic food, be sure to add this food to the list of ones that can possibly cause a goiter to form due to your thyroid’s hormone production being decreased.

5. Peanuts – yes, they are salty, crunchy and delicious, but they aren’t the best snack choice for someone with an underactive thyroid symptom, as they interfere with the production of thyroid hormones.

6. Fluoride – this is found in toothpaste and drinking water that comes from the tap. Fluoride essentially blocks iodine receptors in the thyroid gland which causes reduced iodine-containing hormone production.

7. Chlorine – not only for pools, it is found in pretty much everyone’s drinking water that comes directly from the tap. Chlorine and iodine are chemically related.

Like fluoride, chlorine also blocks iodine receptors in the thyroid gland, causing reduced iodine-containing hormone production. So, drink plenty of distilled or purified water for essential and proper bodily functions, just not from the tap.

8. Soy – soybeans are off limits, as they have an anti-nutrient that contains a chemical that reacts with iodine. Since iodine is critical to make the thyroid hormone, this food should be avoided if you have an underactive thyroid symptom. Soymilk, soy flour, and tofu are also foods to add to the do not eat list.

9. Garlic – it may keep people away and it’s great in spaghetti sauce. However, garlic also reduces iodine uptake in the body.

10. White flour – in the same family as white breads, this is a food that can, for some people, contribute to difficulties with insulin resistance and hormonal problems. White flour is a refined and over-processed food and has very little, if any, nutritional value at all.

Any underactive thyroid symptoms can be controlled by eating lightly, but regularly throughout the day. Eat about every four hours to keep the metabolism moving and your body’s functions working properly. Taking an herbal thyroid remedy can really help as well.

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