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Stress Relief – Meditation – 3 Effective Types of Stress Reducing Meditations


Meditation brings you back to your calmer center. There are many different types of meditation, which you can adapt to where you are or how you feel.

1) Self talk meditation- During this focused time you need to engage in quiet meaningful self talk. This is not a time to beat yourself up verbally by going over all the imagined mistakes you made during a given day. I said imagined mistakes because a situation that you may think was a mistake is a learning experience, a stretching of your comfort zone that did not turn out as well as you wanted it to. Meaningful self talk is quiet reminders of how ell you did during the day. How well you handled an uncomfortable situation for instance. This self -talk meditation is similar to uplifting affirmations. This is a time to nourish you mind.

2) Walking Meditation-This is accomplished by slow walking while deeply focusing on your breathing with a purpose of thinking over a problem or asking for inspiration. You can walk any where, but try to walk among nature. Walking and paying attention to the plants and trees will give you a quiet sense of calm. If you enjoy walking in a mall, then think about the pleasant sights and sounds of the different stores. Think about how grateful you are for the store keepers and their loyal services. Try to detach yourself from the buying emotions and relax with the flow of the walk.

3) Sitting reflecting meditation- Sitting quietly for five minutes several times in a day, will reduce your stress levels greatly. Realize that these five minutes are the most productive and energizing times in your whole day. You are re-energizing your emotional and physical batteries by the deep breathing and clearing of you mind of negative thoughts.

Source by Ellen R. Norman

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