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It’s All About Outercourse!


Not many people know the charm and art of outercourse and even if they do, the devotion is soon overcome by the urge to penetrate. Outercourse is relatively safer mode of sex which includes kissing, hot talks, erotic fantasy, steamy role-play, massage, taking shower together, mutual masturbation, phone sex etc to avoid direct penetration in the vagina or anus. Believe it or not but outercourse, if practiced with perfection may lead to a great orgasm of your life.

Keep your theories about outercourse very clear, by no means it preach about abstinence from sex rather than it’s all about exploring different sexual options and intimacy. Neither this is related to any particular age group, nor to any specific couple. It’s a healthy way to protect yourselves from sexually transmitted disease and other related problems which may infect you from direct and unprotected sexual behavior.

For others sex is not complete unless they penetrate and ejaculate and may be they are right in some way or other because this is what they had been told and educated about sex since their teenage. As the risk attached to intercourse increased, outercourse came in to being and today it is successfully practiced by many couple across the globe. Along with married couples, this form of sex is quite useful for the teens as well. Today, teenagers face lots of peer pressure about sexual act and losing their virginity. Sometimes they are forced to such an extent that they make big mistakes.

Outercourse may answer all the sexual needs of a person who is indulged into sexual act by free will or out of peer pressure. Vaginal or anal penetration may or may not always promise an orgasm. For most men, this is the only way to make them cum or attain the sexual satisfaction. But for women, they have very different sexual responses as compare to their male counterparts. For them penetration is no guarantee for reaching the climax. But if stimulated at the right spot and in a right way, women are capable of attaining even multiple orgasms.

The act of performing outercourse may definitely lead to multiple orgasm provided you master the rules and techniques of the game first. I am here only to tell you about the alternate method rest you can try the act on your own. Here are few advantages of outercourse.

1) Prevent Hormonal side effects

2) No exchange of any body fluids

3) Last longer than regular intercourse

4) Can be useful in Birth control

5) Enhance intimacy between partners

6) The level of physical fatigue is less

7) Reduces Menstrual cramps

8) Can be actively performed by old couples

9) Excellent mean to explore the beauty of each other’s body

10) Protection against HIV and other sexually transmitted disease.

It must be kept in mind that every advantage comes with a word of caution. The caution in outercourse is that both the partners should be willing to involve in this act. There must be great controlling power among them otherwise it may lead to intercourse. Both the partners should be faithful enough and should not involve in any sexual act outside. Such behavior may result in sexually transmitted disease.

Outercourse, not only involves excellent alternative for sexual pleasure but also it enhances trust, love, and intimacy amongst the partners. So if you are still unaware about the how to proceed for this method, get down to the books and magazine to have a good knowledge about it. Try it tonight and add a new lesson in your sexual life!

Source by Vinod Karan Singh

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