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Heal Your Mind, Body & Spirit With Holistic Medicine


It seems like everywhere you go today, people are talking about stress. Our spouse is stressed. Our children are stressed. Even our pets are stressed. The modern day business professional has a host of technological tools to keep him or her continually linked to the office PC, colleagues and clients. As a result, the eight hour workday has become a twenty-four hour occupational nightmare. No matter where we go, or what we’re doing, our boss, clients and office-mates are calling.

So while we are dazzled by the convenience associated with our high-tech gadgets, we suffer from the stress of increased workload, decreased time for rest and information overload.

What many people don’t realize is that there are as many ways to defeat these modern day stressors, as there are to induce them. Unfortunately more often than not we opt for the medicated quick-fix vice the natural and gentle approach taken by holistic and naturopathic medicine. So what’s the difference?

Although western and naturopathic modalities are linked, the approach used by each is fundamentally different. A western doctor or MD will search for the disease responsible for the symptoms exhibited. An MD will then treat the disease and only the disease. A holistic health practitioner understands that the body is intrinsically linked to the mind and soul. The approach taken by holistic practitioners will not only identify the symptoms and associated disease but look deeper into what imbalance in our lifestyle has triggered the disease.

While using the body’s natural mechanisms to heal is optimal, they take time. This is one reason why western medicine is best suited to handling emergency situations where time is of the essence. Under these circumstances the means undoubtedly justify the end and the fast-fix is often the most suitable choice.

So what is holistic and naturopathic medicine? Simply put it is the use of any natural treatment to establish balance and encourage healing.

Theoretically, naturopathy is based on the principle that one can use his or her mind to enhance the immune system and improve overall well being. Consequently, if a person’s mind were imbalanced it would not be able to heal the body. It is this fundamental premise that holistic health is based on; the co-dependent relationship between mind, body and spirit. the high success rate associated with naturopathy has prompted most North American doctors to combine western practises with holistic medicine.

If you’ve decided that holistic medicine is the way to go then the next step is deciding which brand is best suited to you and your body. Some of these include nutrition, herbology, energy work, touch therapy, mind revision therapy, Chinese medicine, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy and more. Often overlooked are stress-reducing spa treatments. Massage, facials, scrubs and wraps all help to sooth the senses, ease the mind and comfort soul.

Gone are the days of the fabled ‘Quack’ and his snake potions. Modern day holistic medicine is regulated by stringent guidelines put in place by local governing health authorities. So go ahead, give it a try. Better yet, combine your dream vacation with a spa/holistic retreat and your favourite person for the perfect getaway. I can’t think of a better way to spend your holiday.

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