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GOMAD – A Body Building Secret to Get Ripped and Add Muscle Fast


One of the most effective ways to add muscle to a skinny frame is to add lots of additional calories to your diet. The body needs calories, proteins, and amino acids to properly build new muscle and, often, newer lifters neglect their diet. They eat too little which means that, while they make some strength gains, those gains are suppressed and their muscles often do not grow much larger.

The Solution

The tried and true method among body builders for adding muscle quickly is the “Gallon of Milk per Day program” or GOMAD. It’s simple. Drink one gallon of milk every single day for several weeks on top of your regular eating. In order to build up to this program, I recommend starting with less than a gallon of milk and ramping up slowly. Otherwise your digestive system will be overwhelmed by the sudden infusion of lactose.

Thousands of body builders, athletes, and trainers have implemented this program in conjunction with a weight lifting routine to build strong, toned muscle at a fast pace. Combine GOMAD with heavy compound lifts like bench pressing, squatting, deadlifts and power cleans for the best effects.

With these lifts the goal should be low reps, high weight. More weight puts greater stress on your body which triggers a bigger hormonal response. The bigger the response, the greater the muscle gain.


Supplement GOMAD with protein from eggs, red meat, chicken, or tuna. Make sure to eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day to enhance muscular growth. Whey protein is also a great source of protein and can replace one or two meals per day. Other supplements like a good multi-vitamin and creatine can help you attain your goal of lean muscle mass.

Finally, in order to boost your performance and increase your strength and endurance for high-intensity workouts, a nitric oxide supplement can do wonders for you. It can give you stronger workouts, faster muscle gains, increased endurance and quicker recovery times. These effects let you work out more frequently and gain the athletic edge you need. The harder you train, the more nitric oxide can benefit you and your body.

Source by Jeff Rambuken


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