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Sexual Secrets About Women You Never Knew – Shocking Facts Finally Revealed


Men often think they know it all when it comes to women and sex and this is where most men are highly mistaken. Women don’t seem to share much with men especially when it comes to the topic of sex. There are several secrets about women men don’t know and probably would never know unless they figure it out themselves. Read on to discover some of the most shocking secrets about women you never knew…

Every woman has a fantasy- If you thought they don’t visualize about having sex than you are highly mistaken. Women are indeed sexual creatures and they do think about sex a lot. You see the best possible way to really get a woman to open up to you sexually is to discuss everything about her fantasy.

She would never orgasm unless she is turned on- You might be the best performer in bed but until you turn a woman on properly she would never orgasm. This is probably the major reason why several women out there fake an orgasm on a regular basis. You see make it a point to turn her on properly and spend a lot of time on foreplay.

Women want you to be in control- Now this does not mean being in control all the time but a woman would like to be carried into bed. Women seem to really enjoy it when a man knows how to act like a man. They do expect and want you to make the first move therefore whenever you feel the timing is right and she is also giving you a green signal make your move and really get it on.

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