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Functional Ovarian Cyst Treatment – Natural Ways to Relieve the Pain


If you have a functional ovarian cyst you are already all too familiar with the pain and discomfort that comes along with it. Ovarian cysts can completely disrupt the life of a woman causing her to struggle to deal with the cramping that often gets worse during her menstrual cycle. There are things you can do at home that will bring much welcomed relief from this type of soreness.

One natural treatment for the pain that accompanies a functional ovarian cyst is heat. Women who have been faced with intense menstrual cramping already know this trick. You simply sit with a heating pad on your abdomen and relief follows. It’s the same with a benign ovarian cyst. Get yourself comfortable in a chair that allows you to relax and then use a heating pad. You want to be mindful of using it on too high of a temperature setting. If you do set it quite warm just ensure that you place it over your clothing and not directly on your skin.

You can also look to some vitamin supplements to help with the symptoms of a functional ovarian cyst. If you lack Vitamin B or E it can make the discomfort of the cyst more noticeable. It’s easy to increase your intake of these essential vitamins by asking your physician about a supplement.

An issue that can aggravate a benign ovarian cyst is constipation. Many women struggle to stay regular and if that’s the case, it can lead to even more severe cramping that radiates from the cyst. The added pressure in your bowel is something you must avoid. The most natural way to stay regular is to eat a balanced diet that is rich in fiber. If that isn’t providing the relief you need look towards a natural supplement.

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