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Fun Ways to Relieve Stress – The Benefits of Using Light Sound Machines


I have been using Light Sound Machine over 4 years. It helps me to take a quick rest and relax whenever I need. However the most essential benefit is its power to relieve stress – it is really the Fun Way to Relieve Stress.

High stress levels are linked to heart disease and high blood pressure, as well as a number of other health problems. It leads to poor immunity or weight gain ( Around 20% of women increase their calorie intake in stressful situations.)

Fun Ways to Relieve Stress:

Mindfulness activities help relax your mind and are often combined with body-centered relaxation exercises.

1. Autogenic training – consists of six standard exercises that make the body relax. For each exercise, you use visual imagination and verbal cues to relax your body in some specific way.

2. Self-hypnosis- can open your mind to suggestions that can relieve stress or change the way you respond to stress.

3. Meditation – focuses your attention on feeling calm and having a clear awareness about your life.

4. Guided imagery (visualization) – is a method of using your imagination to help you relax and release tension caused by stress.

5. Music therapy – can relax your body, improve your mood, and change the pace of your day.

6. Light Sound Machines – one of the most powerful and fun ways to relieve stress (visualisation/light + music/sound therapy + meditation)

How Light Sound Machines work:

It generate precisely timed patterns of modulated sound and light which can gently lead your mind into a variety of interesting and beneficial states of consciousness.

With special light-bearing sunglasses over your closed eyes and headphones over your ears, you are immersed in colorful dancing geometric patterns and entrancing sounds. The light and sound pulse rate shifts from state to state as the session progresses; mental activity will follow the pulse rate of the machine.


– Easy to use

– Pleasant (fun)

– Efficient

These powerful light sound machines can also help you:

– relax deeply,

– experience less anxiety,

– and fall asleep more quickly,

– it is a fun way to relieve stress,..

Sound and music have been used for centuries in many cultures to alter consciousness. Drums, chants, and environmental sounds like wind and rain all provide strong mental pictures and associations. Pleasant sounds are much more enjoyable and relaxing than one-note beeps or tones.

Source by Karel Micek

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