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List of Foods For Diabetics to Eat – 3 Super Foods


In the previous few years diabetes has become the most major health concern not only in any one country but in the whole world. It is an illness that can never be ignored. If the disease is left untreated then it may lead to severe health complications like liver problems and heart related ailments.

Diet plays the most critical role in managing diabetes. Diabetics must have the proper knowledge about the food items they should eat and the things they must stay away from. The next important step in treating the diabetes is staying away from heart related complications. Diabetic patients must take away unnecessary doubts and fears from their lives. Diabetics must aim to become a calmer and they must never get extra worked up by stresses of the daily life.

Diabetics must have the proper information and planning about their daily meals. Meal skipping results in upsetting the constancy that should exist between the food consumption and insulin.

The dietitians strongly recommend that person suffering from diabetes must consume low fat as well as low calorie diet. They must also incorporate maximum amount of fruits as well as fiber in their diet.

Fruits play a vital role in contributing towards the better health of the diabetics. Further there are some ways in which these foods should be incorporated in the diet to keep the level of blood sugar in the normal range. It is strongly recommended that those fruits should be incorporated in the diet that has a high content of dietary fiber but at the same time low in their fiber content. It is true that all fruits are not good for diabetics. There are few fruits that increase the level of sugar in the blood. As diabetics the person must know which fruits are good for the diabetics and which are harmless and can be consumed in good amounts.

Following is given the description of 3 fruits that are rightly termed super fruits for the diabetics. These fruits if consumed daily help the diabetics to keep them away from various health related ailments.

These are

  1. Grapefruit is the best citrus fruit for the patients of diabetes. The diabetics should take 1 to 3 grapefruits daily. The juice of on grapefruit gives an equivalent effect that comes from half an hour of brisk walk.
  2. Jambul fruit is an Indian berry and is most well-known for treating diabetics. It is rendered good as it gives positive effect on the pancreas of the diabetics. The fruit works well because its active ingredient is glucoside. This ingredient keeps a check on the level of blood glucose.
  3. Gooseberry is the third super fruit. It is rich in Vitamin C. this berry acts by reducing the level of blood sugar in diabetics.

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