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Dukan Diet Recipe Ideas – Delicious and Easy Tips


If you are trying to lose weight in a hurry, you may have heard of the Dukan Diet. If you want some Dukan Diet recipe ideas and tips, check out this article.

First, a little bit of information about the Dukan Method will be helpful. The Dukan Diet is a four-phase approach to help you lose weight rapidly and more importantly, to keep the weight off that you lost.  The four stages or phases are the attack phase which is the most intense and restrictive, then the cruise phase, the consolidation phase where you begin to eat more normally and add in all of the foods you love and finally the stabilization phase which is your plan for life.

The Dukan Diet at first appears similar to the Atkin’s diet as it is very protein heavy initially. However, it is different and the whole diet is structured differently so that you have a feasible plan to maintain unlike the Atkin’s where often it seems people drop a lot of weight and the minute they start eating anything with a carbohydrate again, they gain weight.

There are many elements to the diet but one of the great things about it is that Dr. Dukan, the creator feels that dieters can and should eat real food. Instead of powder drinks and bars, he introduces creative recipes that are full of flavor but good for you. Here are a few things to be aware of in with your Dukan Diet Recipe ideas:

Stay away from Salt

Although it isn’t completely forbidden, Dr. Dukan advises you to limit your salt intake and encourages using tons of fresh herbs instead of salt. Use it very sparingly for best results in your recipes, especially during the attack phase.

Use a Bit of French Mustard

You can use a small amount of low-carb, French style mustard for great added flavor to your recipes

Use Lemon but no Lemonade

You can use a squeeze of fresh lemon to flavor your food – try Lemon Garlic Grilled Chicken breast or season sashimi with a squirt of lemon. Do not however, make lemonade or drink lemon juice during the first three phases of the diet, even if you are using no-carb sweeteners.

Tons of Spices

On of the best things you can do on the Dukan Diet and when creating Dukan Diet recipe ideas is to really get creative with fresh herbs and spices. Spicy, flavorful food is key to sticking with the diet and feeling satisfied so really utilize tons of spices and experiment with new spices you may not have tried. One great use of spices and herbs is a recipe Dr. Dukan created – Curried Shrimp with Basil. Yum!

Water is Essential – Keep Hydrated

To make the recipes and food portion of the diet work best for you, drink adequate water throughout the day. You must stay hydrated.

Use Eggs for Dessert

A few great Dukan Diet recipe ideas come from Pierre Dukan himself – he incorporates egg whites or eggs and no-carb sweeteners to make a few great treats like his floating island. You can also whip up a shake with stevia or splenda and pasteurized liquid egg whites and ice for a delicious faux Dukan milkshake that is low in calories and high in protein.

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