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Does Protein Powder Really Work and Are They Healthy? The Truth Will Shock You!


If you’re starting out with a workout routine and your goal is to build up some muscle then inevitably you’ll want to know about Protein Powder and whether or not it helps. You probably want to know if you really need protein powder, does it really work, what kind of powder is the best and how much should you be taking in the first place. This article will give you some straight answers.

Do you really need protein powder?

The amount of muscle mass you gain is directly related to the amount of protein you take into your system. The average daily intake should be around 400 grams of protein a day if your goal is to build substantial muscle mass. No matter what food you eat, you will be very hard pressed to be able to take in that many grams with food alone. 125 – 157 grams is about the average that you can get through food and still eat healthy. So it makes sense to supplement your diet with protein powder.

Yes, protein powder is a supplement and should be used as one. That means that you use it to compliment and supplement your diet and not replace it. Protein powder is also more cheaper that a meal that has the same amount of grams per serving. Also powder cannot give you other nutrients that whole food can, so make sure you use the power as pure supplement. The bulk of your dietary protein should in from fish, meats, chicken and eggs.

Does it really work?

Yes it does. Protein has amino acids that are important to building and maintaining muscles if you combine it with a diet and exercise plan. It also helps the production of red blood cells and boosts your immune system and gives you strong hair and healthy skin.

Be carefully when choosing protein powder though because some powder will have bad ingredients like aspartame, fructose and artificial colors. Chose one that has natural ingredients and not artificially sweetened. Make sure you do your research before you buy any powders and make sure that the brand is trusted and other people are using it etc.

How much pure protein do you need?

It’s generally said to be 1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass. Lets say you’re 175lbs and have 10% body fat. This means that 175 x (10/100) = 157.5lbs. That’s your lean body mass. So your daily requirement of protein is between 135 to 200 grams of fat per day. If you can get that amount with food alone, that’s great but it’s more economical and practical use powder to get to that level.

What kind of protein powder should you use?

That’s a good question. There a different kinds but the following are the most well known:

Whey Protein has a good amino profile and makes up about 25% of milk proteins. Take this type of powder when your body most needs it like before, during or after your workout because it is absorbed immediately.

Casein Protein is good but is more slower to be absorbed by your body so don’t take it before or during your workout. Take it when your body has enough time to absorb it like in the morning with your breakfast etc.

Soy protein have had some controversy associated with it because some people think that it doesn’t do your body much good and that it can sometimes be harmful. Either way it’s safer to stick with the first two types since those types have been used the most.

Protein Powder is a good supplement to your diet and make sure that you use them wisely. But remember that protein alone is not going to help you build muscle and that killer body you dream of. You need proven workout and exercises along with a healthy diet.

Source by Kevin Dillan


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