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Cattle Diseases and Their Treatment


As we all know that cattle provides us with meat and milk. There are some fatal diseases which affect the cattle, and their names include black leg, brucellosis, coccidiosis, and anthrax. All these diseases spread very easily, and thus it is important to diagnose the disease, and give appropriate treatment timely treatment. The cattle’s health need to be monitored closely in order to avoid further complications.

Timely treatment is very much necessary when you observe some signs like fever, yellow colored manure, inflammation, and weakness in cattle. Here are the details of various common diseases which usually occurs in cattle

Black leg and its treatment:

Young cattle is highly prone to this disease. This is a very deadly disease which leaves the cattle dead after 48hours, if treatment is not given immediately. This disease occurs during the process of ingestion as the bacteria which causes this disease remains active for some years together in soil. Thus while consuming, cattle gets infected with this deadly bacteria. Some of the symptoms for this disease includes lameness, rapid inhalation and appetite.

This disease can be easily cured by giving proper and timely treatment. The vaccine for this disease should be always given under the animal skin, but make sure that you do not inject the vaccine into its muscle as it may swell its muscle more. The right place to give vaccination is the animal’s neck, ad the skin will be loose in that part. You need to also make sure that you do not use the opened vaccine again after 24hours.

Besides you need to give vaccination according to the dosage prescribed by the veterinary doctor. Thus, proper antibiotics should be used in order to make the animal to survive. In case if the animal dies you should not either cut it or bury it in the soil as the bacteria in the body of the animal will spread again. For this reason, the dead body of the infected animal should be burned in order to prevent the spreading of this deadly bacteria.


This is a very contagious disease which often affects the cattle. This disease is due to a bacteria called Anthracis Bacillus. The symptoms of this fatal disease includes weak, excited and feverish cattle. Besides, breathing problem is another symptom which is commonly found in the anthrax infected animals. This is a very dangerous bacteria which leaves the cattle dead within few hours. Penicillin must be must be given immediately in order to save the cattle from this deadly bacteria. The cattle need to be protected in a clean and hygiene area in order to prevent the cattle being infected with this bacteria.

Another vaccine named Sterne strain can also be used to treat this disease. You can also prevent the animals from been affected with this disease by giving this vaccine. An animal remains immune against the Bacillus bacteria for over 9 months after giving this vaccination. But you need to make sure that you give proper dosage which is prescribed by the doctor.

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