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Weight Control

Weight Loss Problems Caused by Health Issues

Sometimes, even when you have followed your doctor’s or nutritionist’s weight-loss instructions exactly, you still notice you’re not able to lose much weight. You may feel like you’ve done everything you can: counting calories, controlling how much food you eat at once, and even working out or exercising regularly. Yet you still can’t seem to lose much weight at all. ...

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10 Best Slimming Vegetables For Weight Loss

Hopefully I’m not fooling you with the “slimming” part of the title of this article as most vegetables are by far better for us than any other food group in terms of weight gain/loss. The facts are that vegetables are the very next food group below protein for weight loss surgery patients or for that matter, anyone who wants to ...

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Best Weight Lifting Program For Weight Loss

To lose body fat fast and to keep it off for good, using the best weight lifting programs designed for weight loss will help immensely. Let me give you the exact weight lifting program style I personally used to shed body fat and get ripped six pack abs. Weight lifting burns a staggering amount of calories, but not just while ...

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Oatmeal Actually Boosts Weight Loss!

As surprising as it may be, the warm comfort breakfast food you ate as a kid is actually a powerful fat burning food source-oatmeal! Packed full of oats, soluble fiber, and protein, oatmeal boosts weight loss and fat burning processes as it keeps consumers feeling fuller longer. The Fat Burning Powers of Oatmeal Oatmeal’s most powerful fat burning agent is its ...

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Weight Loss – Breast Cancer & Heart Disease: Exploding 3 Common Myths

Myths about women’s health abound in the information age, especially about weight loss, breast cancer and heart disease. Part of the confusion is that these women’s health concerns are fairly static, but the advice always seems to be changing. Myths have a nasty habit of spreading faster than authentic research findings. Let me clarify: I’m talking about myths as untruthful ...

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Facts About Weight Loss Pills

Are you battling with your weight? You need not worry too much because you aren’t the only one facing these issues. Thousands across the world are trying hard to lose weight. It is true that our rate of metabolism does not maintain balance with our urges for the food we relish. Since there are many ways to get rid of ...

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Weight Loss Tips When Weight Loss Stalls

One of the weight loss challenges faced by dieters are stalls which may occur more frequently if you are 5 to 10 pounds away from being at your goal weight. But, one weight loss tip when this happens may be simply that it is time to rethink your goal weight. Perhaps your body is trying to tell you something and ...

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Do Subliminal Weight Loss Methods Work?

Subliminal weight loss methods are based on subliminal stimuli, the sensory stimuli that operate below the absolute threshold of an individuals conscious perception. These subliminal stimuli are a contrast to above threshold stimuli, known as supraliminal stimuli. It is a known fact that overweight and obesity had become a global problem. The changing lifestyles and eating habits had been leading ...

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The Best Food For Weight Loss

Making a change in your diet, and fitting in the best food for weight loss can be difficult. Permanent changes are the goal when you start eating healthier, but you want your new way of eating to be exciting and flavorful. The best food for burning fat is convenient when you are on the go, keeps you fuller longer, and ...

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