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Weight Control

Does Vitamin D Help With Weight Loss?

Vitamin is known as an important vitamin for the strength of bones and skeleton. Especially it is specified for the bones of younger children and older women. But it is a fact that vitamin helps human body in various way to be perfect and protected. To be over weight is a big problem of recent era because to be over ...

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Weight Control the Easy Way – Expert Tips For Women Over 40

How would you like to control your weight? Many women over 40 experience constantly shifting numbers on the scale. Some even do not want to weigh themselves, because they are too embarrassed. Weight control for women over 40 doesn’t have to be hard- but you’ll have to find out what works for you in your specific situation. With this short ...

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7 Powerful Inspirational Scriptures For Christian Weight Loss

Renewing your mind is a key concept in Christian weight loss. One reason people fail in losing weight is attempting to pile new behaviors on top of an old mindset. Sooner or later, your old mindset convinces you to quit and you wind up in the same shape as before or even worse. Meditating on inspirational scriptures consistently is one ...

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Weight Control Is A Serious Issue

Short term tricks to make a specific weight may lead to long term problems for the gymnast including anorexia and bulimia. Weight control techniques should only be initiated and practiced under the direct supervision of a physician. Nobody, and I do mean nobody, can simply eyeball any athlete (or individual) and make an accurate assessment regarding weight loss issues and ...

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Exercise for Weight Control

It is widely assumed that exercise is a key part of controlling one’s weight. However, there are many people who find that exercise alone has very little impact on their weight while others seem able to exercise and lose weight easily. What is going on? Well, people all respond slightly differently to exercise due to age, sex and their genetic ...

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Weight Loss Tips – Control During Pregnancy

Preventing excess weight gain during pregnancy is imperative for the health of the mother-to-be and the baby. Excess weight gained during pregnancy can place the unborn baby at risk, create complications during the birth process and place the mother at risk for gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. Weight control during pregnancy is not really difficult, although pregnant mothers don’t ...

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Raisins, Appetite Control, and Weight Loss

There is a link between successful weight loss and energy balance. Generally speaking, as the amount of food consumed rises, calorie burn needs to become greater for successful weight maintenance. If the amount of calories consumed rises, but the calorie burn declines (for instance, because of lack of exercise, or the natural decrease in metabolism as we age), increase in ...

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Biological Factors in Weight Control

How does heredity affect our weight? Part of the answer seems to be described in set-point theory, which proposes that each person’s body has a certain or “set” weight that it strives to maintain. The body tries to maintain its weight near the set-point by means of a thermostat-like physiological mechanism. When a person’s weight departs from the set-point, the ...

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