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Holistic Health Care Increasing in Popularity Worldwide

Holistic, Metaphysical, Energy or Mind, Body, Spirit healing has existed since the beginning of time amid religious beliefs and practices, along with the mystery, superstition, fear, and misunderstanding. Holistic Healing is now becoming recognized regardless of what anyone chooses to believe or think. o According to CNN one-half of all medical schools now offer courses in holistic health care. o ...

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Certified Rolfing & Integrative Pain Management

Rolfing and Rolf Movement have become similar terms used to describe technique that can foster a shift in structural and functional potentials. Rolf Movement will be the focus of this outline describing what a Rolf Movement four series incorporates into sessions to cultivate this shift. Four independent sessions will explore breath, appendicular, axial, and cranial orientation and awareness. Simply by ...

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Natural Anxiety Medication

There are many people that suffer from anxiety symptoms and many people try to live without help. It is quite normal to endure a certain amount of anxiety in your day to day life but if it gets to a point where it is a serious burden and you feel as if you are losing control it would be time ...

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Massage and Saunas

There are many benefits of using massage and saunas together to help improve the health of your body. Massage can help relieve pressure points in the body and help the muscles relax. Saunas have the same benefits but work differently on the body. This is why combining the two is a fantastic idea if you want to feel great at ...

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Tribulus Terrestris Extract – A Weed In The West, Testosterone Boosting In China

The Chinese have a very interesting approach to health and medicine. Certainly their culture and wisdom extends many thousands of years back beyond the limited history of Western medicines which in contrast are very primitive. Where the Chinese see the body and mind holistically and treat all issues as a whole, western doctors are almost barbarians by comparison in that ...

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Keeping Your Testosterone Levels High the Easy Way

There are way too many men in the United States with Libido problems or trouble gaining muscle and losing fat. Much of this is due to the decline in the testosterone levels of men in the US since the 1930’s. Here’s a quick guide to the most effect how you raise your testosterone levels naturally. Introduction All of the items ...

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Why Most MRSA Treatment Approaches Eventually Fail

New MRSA Treatment Approach Provides Missing Link to Ending Recurring MRSA Infections I thought it could never happen to me. After all, I was a Microbiologist and studied bacteria like Staph aureus everyday. I knew what made bacteria grow and what antibiotics stopped them. Despite all my education and experience researching bacteria, I was shocked in 1997 when I started ...

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Integrative Manual Therapy – Book Review

Integrative Manual Therapy for the Connective Tissue System was written by Dr. Sharon Giammatteo and Jay Kain, and published in 2005. Dr. Giammatteo is President of the Center of Integrative Manual Therapy and Diagnostics in Connecticut. Jay Kain is a Physical Therapist specializing in hands on bodywork. IMT focuses on using a holistic approach to first identify root causes of ...

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Holistic Treatment For Bacterial Vaginosis

Holistic treatment for bacterial vaginosis can work much better than antibiotics or expensive over the counter medication. There are very good reasons why this is the case, but to understand why, you must have a little knowledge about the nature of BV. The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis include a foul, fishy smelling discharge which is usually watery and gray or ...

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