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Tribulus Terrestris Extract – A Weed In The West, Testosterone Boosting In China


The Chinese have a very interesting approach to health and medicine. Certainly their culture and wisdom extends many thousands of years back beyond the limited history of Western medicines which in contrast are very primitive. Where the Chinese see the body and mind holistically and treat all issues as a whole, western doctors are almost barbarians by comparison in that they can only see poisonous drugs or scalpel surgery as the options to deal with individual symptoms, and rarely does western medicine consider the impact on the rest of the body when one symptom is attacked.

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant, that has very nasty thorns as part of its seed. What ever way the seed sits on the ground, there is always at least one thorn pointing upwards which if trodden on will penetrate most footwear.

Where the west sees the Tribulus Terrestris plant as a nuisance weed to be eradicated on sight, the Chinese look deeper into it and find its healing properties, most particularly the way extract from the Tribulus Terrestris plant serves to stimulate production of testosterone in the testicles. In the west, a doctor will tell you are too fat and that you must lose weight. In China the doctor will assess that you are too fat because of too low a level of testosterone, and he will suggest you use Tribulus Terrestris extract to stimulate greater production of hormones, and to increase your free testosterone percentage.

In the west, if you are diagnosed as having less than normal testosterone, they will prescribe synthetic hormones to replace what is not made by your testicles – without regard for the fact this course of action will prevent your testicles from making hormones. There is no such thing as synthetic hormones in Traditional Chinese Medicine; as such a thing would clearly be seen as very disruptive of the total balance of the body and they will only advise getting your testicles to be more active by taking diet supplements and exercise rather than closing down your body’s own natural production.

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