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A Closer Look at Medical Supplies Your Clinic Needs Most

Starting a new clinic is something that definitely takes a lot of determination and spirit, but when you really feel called to start your own practice there’s really nothing stopping you but your own doubts and fears. One of the biggest concerns that new clinic physicians have when they begin opening their practices is that they aren’t quite sure where ...

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The Need for Home First Aid Kits

Accidents can happen anywhere, even in the home. Every home, and especially those with small children, should have a home first aid kit for accidents. No one can predict who will be injured in the home. It may be an older child that must call for help. Inside every home first aid kit, then, include a detailed emergency contact list. ...

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Three Most Essential Uses of Potassium Permanganate

Are you familiar with the deep purple solution your mother applies to your skin when you had a bad case of athlete’s foot? It did a great, didn’t it? That solution is made by dissolving potassium permanganate crystals in water. Potassium permanganate is an inorganic but water soluble compound. It is also known as Condy’s crystals and permanganate of potash. ...

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Tropical Vacations – Discover These Little Known Tropical Spots

Picture yourself enjoying the sun, sand and sea of the Bahamas and you will surely conjure up visions of a tropical vacation full of excitement and adventure. Close to Florida, there are over seven hundred islands that make up the Bahamas and it is an ideal tropical vacation destination replete with sparkling turquoise waters, plenty of sandy white beaches, good ...

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How to Eat Coconut Oil For the Best Health Benefits

You’re probably aware of coconut oil’s health benefits by now. Yes, it protects you against heart disease, stroke, low thyroid, diabetes, cancers, liver and kidney diseases, osteoporosis, dental decay and skin infections, viruses, yeast and fungi. It does wonders to your skin and hair too. And it’s one of the best food to help you lose that excess body fat. ...

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How to Start a Magazine in 6 Steps

Starting a magazine is not as hard as you would think. I have started several myself and successfully published them for years. Make no mistake, it is hard work, but if you can meet a few key requirements you can get your magazine off the ground. What are those few key requirements? 1) You need some money to do this ...

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