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The US Virgin Islands – The Caribbean’s American Owned Tropical Paradise

With new passport requirements causing much frustration among U.S. travelers, American Express Travel is suggesting the US Virgin Islands as an excellent tropical vacation alternative to Mexico or the other Caribbean islands. The US Virgin Islands can be visited by tour packages, luxury vacation packages or by luxury world cruises. Although this island chain is not the first place most ...

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Omega 3 Fish Oil and Eczema – What is the Role of Omega 3 Fish Oil in Eczema Treatment

Eczema or excema, known as dermatitis in the medical dictionary, is a skin condition in which it becomes red with little cracks and spots. People usually use creams and other medication to treat this illness. However, this provides only temporary solution and the irritation returns after a few days. Recent studies in the field of eczema treatment have revealed that ...

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Clean Needle Technique for Acupuncture

Clean Needle Technique Infection Control – Practitioner’s Hygiene Physical cleanliness includes not only adequate hand washing but it also includes such things as wearing clean clothes (i.e. lab coat), long hair being tied back, and nails being kept clean and short. Cuts/abrasions should be covered by and band-aid and/or glove. Do not work with an upper respiratory condition. Hand Washing ...

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It’s Easy Being Green With an Energy Star Rated Air Conditioner

Greenhouse gases are components of the atmosphere that contribute to the greenhouse effect. These gases come from natural sources and human activity. The greenhouse effect is the gradual heating of the atmosphere caused by air pollution which traps energy from the sun. All-inclusive causes of recent warming remain an active field of research but scientific consensus identifies elevated levels of ...

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Best Places for Medical Treatment in Prague

Prague, the modern capital of Czech Republic enjoys its position on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)’s list of properties internationally deemed to have “outstanding universal value”. The list of nine hundred eleven properties includes sites with either cultural or natural value. Prague would fall into the first category as it is a cultural and historical relic ...

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Santiago, Chile’s Best Hospitals

Santiago is the capital of Chile and also the largest city of the country. Santiago is the center of finance and trade in Chile and the headquarters of many multinational companies in the country are located here. The city has many well-known shopping centers and high-rise architecture and has become one of the most modern metropolitan areas of Latin America. ...

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Yeast Infection Symptoms – Internal and External

While yeast infections are considered rather a commonplace health issue, there is no doubt that the symptoms are irritating and uncomfortable. They can often affect your lifestyle negatively and cause you inconvenience. While many people understand a few causes, there are quite a few situations that can trigger its onset, such as taking antibiotics and high blood sugar levels. Very ...

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Tropical Umbrellas and Tropical Backyard Umbrellas

Almost every resort across the globe uses tropical umbrellas to enhance the appearance of their beach and pool area. Ranging in size and pattern, these colorful accessories are practical because of the shade that they provide and attractive because of their bold and user-friendly design. A tropical umbrella can shield beach goers from harmful UV rays. Skin cancer is a ...

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Essential Oils For Skin Diseases

A couple of centuries ago most people simply had to suffer with any ailment, regardless of the severity. Life expectancy was approximately half of what it is today. Due to the increased knowledge of medical professionals, cures and management medicines have helped improve the quality of life. Unfortunately, the answer usually means prescriptions of pills and ointments. However, nature has ...

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