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Aldi is fixing its biggest weakness, and that should terrify Whole Foods

Aldi Ramps Up Organic Foods

Aldi is stepping up its game in the organic-food space. The grocery chain is expanding organic-food brands, removing some artificial ingredients from its products, and adding more gluten-free items in hopes of attracting more health-conscious shoppers. Aldi became one of the world’s biggest food retailers by offering comparatively very low prices. Its prices for fresh produce and packaged goods are ...

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Precocious Puberty – our diet?

Padded bras for kindergarten girls with growing breasts to make them more comfortable? Sixteen percent of U.S. girls experiencing breast development by the age of 7? Thirty percent by the age of 8? Clearly something is affecting the hormones of U.S. girls–a phenomenon also seen in other developed countries. Girls in poorer countries seem to be spared–until they move to developed ...

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Detox Body – Resist Auto-immune Disease – Vitamins

Although “organic” is very difficult to be certain of, from anyone you do not know farms properly, you can at least keep the toxins down by eating organic brands.   They tend to have less harmful, toxic, autoimmune stressing chemicals overall.   You may not get the well-tended farm variety of vegetables or humanely grown, grass-fed creature, and there may ...

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Nutritional Differences in Organic versus Conventional Foods

If you’re like me, the word “organic” conjures up picturesque images of untouched green fields, majestic trees blossoming with fruit, happy free-ranging cows and chickens living together in harmony…ok maybe its just me. For many of us though, something visceral does happen when we decide to choose the organic apples as opposed to the conventionally grown ones. Studies have found ...

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Sugar and sweets – cut down, here’s why….

One of the biggest hidden threats to our health is the consumption of all forms of sugar. In addition to its detrimental effects on the body’s proper pH balance, a major problem stemming from sugar consumption has to do with a chemical process called glycation. In simplest terms, glycation refers to the combination of a sugar and a protein molecule. ...

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Add these top foods to your diet for optimum health

There are many foods you could add to your diet to enhance your overall health and well-being. Below I’ll discuss five. You’ll see some significant improvements in your health over time if you incorporate even a few of these into your regular routine. Flaxseed Raw Nuts Sulfur-Containing Foods Green Tea Healthy Oils Flaxseed Flaxseed is a wonderful vegetarian source of ...

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Proper pH Balance Is Critical for Good Health

Maintaining a slightly alkaline pH is key to preventing disease The human body is an indivisible, integrated organism, not a collection of various unrelated parts. In this vein, there are various mechanisms in your body that work together to maintain a proper pH balance throughout your body. The acidity or alkalinity of a substance is measured using pH. The pH ...

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Texas Toddler Had ‘Adult Onset’ Diabetes

A little girl in Texas had a diet so unhealthy that she developed Type 2 diabetes before her fourth birthday, a doctor who treated her says. The obese 3-year-old was diagnosed with what used to be known as “adult-onset” diabetes, which has become a lot more common among children over the last few decades, reports Reuters. In a press release, ...

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Five Steps to Building Muscle After 50

Do you think you’re too old to start building muscle after 50? Many people, after they reach the age of 50 think that it’s too late, or that their bodies couldn’t take the stress of exercise. That’s a lot of hooey. Fifty year old people build muscle just like those of any age, younger or older. Muscle growth requires only ...

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Natural Anxiety Pills Can Help Treat Anxiety Naturally

Many people seek treatment for their anxiety, but not all of them are taking prescription medications because they have found natural anxiety pills that work just as well as their prescription counterparts. What does this mean for you if you are seeking a treatment for your anxiety? It means that you have some amazing options now where you can treat ...

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