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Vitamin Deficiency Diseases increase with monocropping

Loss of Food Security and Vitamin Stability Due to Industrial Agricultural Practices Human population growth and urbanization trends make industrial agricultural methods and monocropping (re-planting the same crop of circulating very few crops), very profitable; however, they negatively impact surrounding ecosystems and are of low quality. Sustenance agriculture is being replaced by the demand & profit of industrialized, factory methods ...

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Risks of Disease due to Ecosystem Shifts

LACK OF CONTROL OR SENTINELS — Wildlife, bush-meat and subsistence livestock largely interact without veterinarian services, surveillance, or DZ transmission modeling in the developing world. More likely to propagate in areas where humanitarian deployments occur, these factors pose unknown infectious threats to aid workers and military assistance CLIMATIC CHANGES AND MIGRATIONS facilitate biotic shifts and evolutions in microbes and vectors; ...

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WHO – Over the last 10 years about 75% of new human infections have been zoonotic origin. (4) Although research into human health safeguards remains separate from livestock and other animal DZ research, significant benefits are gained by both animal and human health sectors when there is an integrated and coordinated control of veterinary and zoonotic DZs. (10)   UN/FAO ...

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Emerging Infectious and Zoonotic Disease Threats to Foreign Deployed Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Missions to Developing Countries

With the worldwide increase in fiscal awareness and scrutiny of health care, budgets, and economies, the emphasis on disease prevention has proportionately increased, not only as stability enhancer but also a cost saver. As an important tool in prevention, the global health community is realigning to improve infectious disease surveillance. We examine why this is important to humanitarian and disaster ...

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The idea of an “Agent”, an investigator, focused on “Vitamins” simply acknowledges that we are animal life forms with vitamin and nutrient requirements. Disease befalls us when vitamins & nutrients are deficient or our immunity fails.   All of our make-up comes from outside of our bodies.   Sufficient vitamins and nourishment allow us to manufacture the system-specific aspects of ...

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