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The idea of an “Agent”, an investigator, focused on “Vitamins” simply acknowledges that we are animal life forms with vitamin and nutrient requirements. Disease befalls us when vitamins & nutrients are deficient or our immunity fails.  

All of our make-up comes from outside of our bodies.   Sufficient vitamins and nourishment allow us to manufacture the system-specific aspects of our metabolism. Dietary excesses (sugar/carbs, salt, fats, etc), vitamin deficiencies and lack of exercise/activity result in diseases of the system, or vulnerabilities to disease. For example, infection by opportunistic microbes (bacterial, viral, fungal, protozoan, etc.) forms are more likely. Infectious disease is a good example because our organic body defenses are compromised by our lack of core strenght from exercise and our modern/westernized dietary flaws.  
Infectious disease is largely caused by lowered immunity. The dangerous (virulent) species or those generated by our altering the environment & microenvironments (ecosystem stress and poisoning) is caused by many ecological insults to ecosystems. Because microbes adapt so quickly, they can work-around out modern treatments (antibiotics) and present new threats because they are new infections.  

As the vitamin agent, this service represents the background and function of human adaptation to reclaim values of inclusion with our environment. We make basic acquaintance between ourselves with of our environment & ecosystem coexistence. We have come to deny our integral part of the ecosystem.

Our species health, diet and fitness is a function of nature.  Humans have insecurities which tend to accumulate excesses, waste resources, degrade and toxify the very source from which we emerge and spend our lives.  We also accept that natural foods are fully healthy and feed on low quality foods which deny our bodies the basic nutrition and functional activity which enhances us.   Mental acuity, physique, attitude, demeanor, energy, longevity, etc., are direct functions of selecting our intake and using our animal physique.   We put the outside air, water and food inside of ourselves and generate/regenerate a new body constantly(from things outside of us – in the environment)

Fascinations with nature show the struggles, adaptations and triumphs of living things.  Life forms advance their adaptability by mutation and they flourish in any way which is more adaptive. For humans, this includes manipulating nature; you would think this is done to our benefit only but GMOs show us hardier and better looking food products are more the engineering focus than higher quality and improved nutrition. Evidently, humans have refined manipulation to intensities of excess beyond simple survival.  Where we go awry is to degrade the very nature which we emerge from.

Humans are the most dominant and powerful life forms in the ecosystem and therefore affect it most significantly. The charm and wonder of natural phenomena cannot exclude human influence. Where we see infectious disease flourish and adapt to present conditions, whether man-made or not, they are the most easily changeable (adaptable) life forms. We are now witnessing a momentous increase in infections. Many of which are adapting from animal hosts (zoonotic diseases) to human hosts and human-only infections disease are evolving to become more virulent.

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