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Common Diseases That Affects the Evergreen Tree


The evergreen tree is a beauty upon the year round landscape. The evergreen tree is a symbol of strength as the evergreen retains its color and needles even through the harsh winter months. People have fallen in love with the durability but yet simplistic grace of the evergreen tree. Unfortunately, there are several common diseases that affect the evergreen tree.

Evergreen trees can be killed or harmed by pathogens which are a disease-causing organism. The most common disease that affects the evergreen tree is caused by a type of fungi. Fungi lack the chlorophyll and therefore take nourishment from species in the evergreen family by feeding on these types of trees. Other tree diseases are caused from viruses and bacteria. An evergreen tree can become affected by a pathogen, viruses or bacteria in a number of different ways.

One disease that affects the evergreen tree is called needle cast tree disease. This is a disease that causes the evergreen tree to shed its needles. The symptoms of this type of disease will first appear on the needle. Needle cast tree disease appears as yellow spots on the needles which eventually turn red to brown. The growth of a certain species of fungi will form the spots on the evergreen’s needles. When this disease is left untreated the needles fall off. Before the needles are shed tiny black fruiting bodies will form on the needle’s surface.

Another type of disease that can affect the health of an evergreen tree is needle blight tree disease. There is a group of needle blight tree diseases that include Dothistroma, Diplodia and brown spot. These diseases are known to attack evergreen trees at the twig tips or the needles. The infected needle will fall from the tree due to the disease. When the needle falls from the tree this creates a denude look. If the evergreen tree is plagued by repeated cycles of infection then this can result in the loss of the tree. There are ways to prevent and to control needle blight tree disease.

A third common disease that affects the evergreen tree is canker tree disease. This is a type of disease where a canker either kills or causes blistering in the tree bark or the trunk of the diseased evergreen tree. There are dozens of known types of fungi that can cause this disease.

The last disease that can affect the evergreen tree is known as root disease. This is a wood decay disease. The fungi get in through the lower part of the tree or directly penetrate the root system of the tree. This fungus is able to travel from one tree to another on soilborne and airborne spores. If this disease is left untreated the evergreen tree will sadly rot from the roots upward.

Each of these diseases which affect an evergreen tree can be prevented or controlled. An evergreen tree is a beautiful natural resource that should be well cared for to ensure a long lifespan of the evergreen tree.

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