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7 Foods That Increase Your Lifespan – Eat Them Daily


Chocolate, wine and a happy, healthy and long life. That’s the kind of life I like. Nutritionists believe that we can keep heart and kidney diseases away by eating 7 wonderful and healthy foods. And they are super tasty too. What more could you want. Without further ado here are the 7 miraculous foods that increase your lifespan:

1) Nuts: Just two spoons of grounded nuts over your breakfast cereals will reduce the risk of the bad cholesterol or LDL by 14%.

2) Fruits and Vegetables: by eating one cup of vegetables and fruits daily you will lower your blood pressure, the risk of cancer and heart diseases by 21%.

3) Fish: 3 times a week eat fish. You can barbeque, boil or steam it. Avoid eating fish that are at the top of the food chain like tuna or shark. By eating fish frequently you will lower the risk of a heart attack by 14%.

4) Dark Chocolate: just 2 pieces of dark chocolate containing at least 60% cacao eaten daily will reduce the risk of vascular diseases by 11%.

5) Garlic: I know it stinks by boy is it healthy. Just one clove of garlic per day will reduce the risk of getting heart diseases by 38%. That is huge in my opinion considering you just have to take a small portion of garlic daily. Easy and super healthy.

6) Red Wine: I love drinking wine. When I found how healthy it is I made it a point to drink one glass of red wine daily. Just one glass will reduce your risk of getting heart diseases by 32%. Very cool. Also drinking wine makes you look more sophisticated in society and it makes you look cool with the opposite sex.

7) Green Tea: is full of antioxidants which fight against the darn free radicals that create havoc through our bodies. By drinking green tea you reduce the risk of ever getting cancer by a considerable amount. If you add a spoon of honey and some lemon juice the green tea will be even more healthy and full of health benefits.

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