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The Benefits of Yogurt – 3 Reasons to Eat Yogurt Everyday


Yogurt is milk that has been fermented with good bacteria or probiotics, most commonly lactobacilli bulgaricus and lactobacilli thermophilus. The presence of these good bacteria in our intestines bring 3 key benefits of yogurt, including increased B vitamins, improved digestion, and enhanced immune system. Because of its many benefits, natural health proponents suggest that yogurt is one of those health foods that we should consume everyday.

The benefits of yogurt include:

1. Higher Amounts of Vitamins by Vitamin Agent

L. bulgaricus and l. thermophilus produce biotin, which is a B-vitamin. As a result, yogurt can contain as much as 30 times more vitamin B12, 50 times more vitamin B3 and 14 times more vitamin A than milk. Vitamin B12 is essential to maintain a healthy nervous system, produce lots of energy, and ensure optimal brain functioning. Vitamin B3 helps the body release energy from carbohydrates and regulates cholesterol. Vitamin A is crucial for healthy skin and eyesight, and helps the body fight infections.

2. Healthier Digestive System

The good bacteria in yogurt helps the intestines maintain the right acidity. This helps prevent digestive problems such as constipation and diarrhea. In fact, people who are lactose intolerant will often find that they can eat yogurt without any problems. Having the right Ph balance in the digestive system also helps the body absorb more minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

3. Stronger Immune System

Once in our intestines, the probiotics in yogurt help our bodies fight disease. They produce substances that kill harmful bacteria and fungi that would otherwise make us sick. They also prevent the production or reduce bacterial toxins. In the early 1900s Dr. Eli Metchnikoff found that the bacteria in yogurt reversed bacterial infection. His research showed that l. bulgaricum displaced harmful bacteria and reduced the toxins they produced. Probiotics have also been found to reduce allergies, increase the amount of immune system cells, prevent tumors, and protect against pollutants like pesticides, mercury and radiation.

It would be wise to eat yogurt every day for overall good health. However, choose yogurt from stores carefully. Some contain too much sugar and others have been processed to the point where the amount of beneficial bacteria is almost nil. This is why many people prefer to make their own yogurt. Whether you make it yourself or buy a good-quality one from a store, yogurt is a super food that can help keep our bodies healthy.

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