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1,000 Calorie Diet Plan – Most Popular 1,000 Calorie Diets


If you want to go on a 1,000 calorie diet plan, you probable don’t know which one to choose and which one will be right for you. Having a look at the more popular 1,000 calorie meal plans and seeing what they are all about will help you to make your decision. To help you do that, we will have a look at the more popular 1,000 calorie a day diets. Here they are, have a look for yourself:

Fad 1,000 calorie plans

These 1,000 calorie diet plans are the ones that you should try to avoid. They usually only includes food from one or limited food groups. This can lead to malnutrition and other horrible side effects. The cabbage soup diet and the fasting diets, are examples of fad diets.

Healthy 1,000 calorie meal

Healthy 1,000 calorie meal plans are balanced and healthy. They contain foods from all the vital food groups and the composition of the diet won’t make you too tired or place you at risk for malnutrition. You should as far as possible try to only go on healthy 1,000 calorie diets.

Vegetarian 1,000 calorie meal

If you love fruits and vegetables, you will love the vegetarian 1,000 calorie diet. It’s main focus is on fruit and veggies and it is very easy to limit the calories, since fruit and veggies are low in calories. Just make sure that there is enough protein and carbs included in the diet.

Low carbs 1,000 calorie a day diets

With a low carb 1,000 calorie diet plan, carbohydrates are greatly restricted. The focus is more on protein and fruits and veggies. This type of diet may make you tired and you even risk getting fatigued, as carbs supply the body with energy.

High protein 1,000 calorie diet

A high protein diet includes a lot of protein and it almost consists entirely out of protein. While such a diet can help you to burn fat and build lean muscle mass, it can also make you feel nausea and have other side effects because of the high protein content.

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