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How to Stop Smoking Now!


Addiction is one of the hardest things to deal with in life, it doesn’t matter if its drugs, alcohol, food, smoking or something else altogether. With addictions, there’s always that nagging feeling that you need it, even though it might be obvious to other people that you do not.

Only a true addict knows what addiction feels like. But I feel like the realization to stop smoking and the guilt that comes along with it is more prevalent than it is in drugs or in alcohol addictions. When I was a smoker, it was obvious that it wasn’t good for me but I just couldn’t stop myself. It sounds stupid but there’s the pain of realizing you will never have another cigarette again if you quit smoking and that’s all that comes to mind, not the pros but instead all the cons.

For some people who may decide to stop smoking they can do it cold turkey without a problem but for other people not only is it a hard thing to realize that you need to stop smoking, but it’s also hard thing to do in general. There were several times where I tried to stop smoking, by using an aide such as Nicorette, hypnosis, and commit, and the only thing that really worked for me was commit. They say that after a few months, the cravings go away, but for me they just heightened especially in times when I was used to having a cigarette, such as going out for a drink with my friends, having finished dinner, or having a stressful day. Maybe it was all in my head but that nagging feeling kept coming back again and again. Finally I just gave in and started smoking again.

Then I tried something a few years later, after I decided to give it up again. But this time I went for an over-the-counter drug, i figured if I was going to stop smoking this time around, I better do whatever it takes. The reason I finally decided to give it up, I really decided to sit down and research what is in cigarettes and why we are addicted. The results are astonishing, not only astonishing but frightening. In the end this ended up not working either.

So finally it came down to the very last thing I could try and I decided to try something my mom actually suggested, which was something homeopathic. She’s really into healthy things and such. So I figured I would give it a try, not even a month later I started to feel those nagging symptoms lessen each day. And as said above that nagging feeling is just one of the worst things I could possibly think of. I would suggest anyone that’s having a problem with quitting smoking; If you’ve tried everything else and have failed, try a homeopathic remedy.

There is no magic fix. You have to realize that. You’re going to have to actually work at this. The first couple weeks are going to be hard. Do you want to stop smoking? You want that nagging feeling to stop right? You would do anything to stop smoking right? Then try this, do yourself a favor right now go online and look for things relevant to Homeopathic stop smoking kits, homeopathic cures to stop smoking, stop smoking healthily, or natural herbs to stop smoking. This should give you a few sites to take a look at as well as a few natural herbs to look into. By, if you’re looking for some sites right this very second, you can try these:




*NativeRemedies (terrific site for ANY homeopathic and natural cures)

I wish you all the luck in the world, but always remember, if you want to stop smoking then your going to have to put a little effort into it! Good luck!

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