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Why Teaching Children to Keep Promises is Important


The bible said to train up a child in the way that they should go and when they are old, they will not depart from it.

Keeping our word builds character, it shows that we are dependable and people can rely on us. This trait is easier to develop as a child rather than learning it through trials and errors as an adult. This is why it’s important to teach children to keep their promises.

We should teach them to keep their promise as best they can otherwise they would be labeled as a liar and this label can follow them all their lives. We wouldn’t want that.

It is easy to make a promise and not keep it especially when things go wrong but it doesn’t change the fact that a promise was made so if it can’t be done, we should teach our children to go to the person whom the promise was made to and explain to them why they couldn’t keep their word and apologize to them. Most of the time the person will understand.

We should also teach them to not make a promise that they know they can’t keep. This is not a wise thing to do and our conscience will always remind us of a broken promise.

The lord keeps his word to us and he expects us to keep our word to other. You might think that breaking a promise is a small matter but it is not. It can cause strife and indignation against the person who broke their word.

Children are receptive; they will generally remember what we teach them. So we should teach them good things so they will grow up to be a wise and respectable person.

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