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The Best Proven Weight Loss Method


For decades women and men alike have been trying to find the best proven weight loss method. Doctors and scientists have gotten involved in the search to find that one, guaranteed way to lose weight. So, what did they discover? What is the best proven weight loss method?

Before answering that all important question you have to consider that everyone is going to have a different answer based on why they believe they have the right answer. Perhaps their method has been successful for them and other people. Perhaps they are trying to sell a product that they believe works. Knowing why they believe their method is best is as important as knowing the method.

There is one guaranteed, time-tested; never fail method for weight loss that works regardless of age, gender or amount of weight you need to lose: burn more calories than you take in. To put it more simply, eat less and exercise more. If you cut your calories and speed up your metabolism through aerobic exercise you will lose weight.

There are programs available through doctors and other national programs that have high success rates. The majority are special diets that eliminate or drastically reduce either carbohydrates or fats. Weight loss does occur; however, if a lifestyle change is not made the weight comes back.

Doctors can put you on medications to increase your metabolism and suppress your appetite. This works for a while, but again, you can’t stay on the medication forever. So once again, you must change your lifestyle to include exercise and diet changes.

Programs that tout that they have the best proven weight loss method should have the data to back up their claim. Check their statistics before buying into them. There is a program that is based on a program created by doctors that is high in protein and low in calories, it works quickly and is a great way to start your weight loss.

In the end, no matter what program you buy or try, the only, and the best proven weight loss method is to eat less and exercise more. Your body will reward you by slimming up and your health will be better than ever.

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