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Weight Loss Essentials


Your weight increased a little during winter or at the time of a change of life or a difficult period…

Result: you don’t feel comfortable with your body, and the loss of a few pounds would make you feel better. Here are some tips to lose weight without false notes… Your weight loss success depends from two conditions: you must change your food habits AND increase your physical activity. If you do not have any physical exercise today, there is no need starting to workout like crazy, but a daily walk or a little swimming each week can already make a big difference.

Caution! If you need to loose 10 pounds or more, consult a doctor or a dietician because a regular follow-up is indicated.

Some weight loss principles

Losing weight is based on a few solid principles:

* Give yourself at least a month to lose 4 to 6 pounds

* Always prevent hunger and tiredness

* Stick to your plan and rules fixed at the beginning

* Avoid deficiencies in vitamins and minerals

* Don’t use diet drugs or weight loss foods

* Eating must stay a pleasure

Set your rules and stick to them

To change your food habits, it is necessary to moderately reduce your caloric intakes, i.e. initially the fat content

and fast sugars. It is absolutely necessary to respect good food practices by adding some simple rules to it.

* Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast which must remain copious. Have a light evening meal;

* Don’t eat apart from your meals. If you feel hungry between meals, drink a large glass of water, a coffee or a tea without sugar. Also drink before your meal and in the middle of your meal;

* Use starchy foods with each meal: pasta, rice, potatoes or bread. You will get a feeling of satiety and procure the

energy you need, with fibres as well. On the other hand you should avoid all that accompanies them like fatty sauces, butter, cheese, etc. Just consume these starchy foods alone or with a sugar or fat free seasoning;

* Don’t consume sugared beverages

* Don’t drink alcohol or beer although one glass of red wine a day is ok.

* Avoid eating outdoor because it is more difficult to control your food. In some restaurants it is possible, but being invited by friends makes it a lot harder. If you share a good meal with other people, decrease your quantity of food and never have a second serve.

* Choose lean meats and privilege poultries without skin, fish and shellfish;

* Attention with hidden fats : avoid meat prepared with sauces, fat pork deli’s, cheese toppings, butter or cream, gruyere and eggs, fried foods, viennese buns and pastry, sweets and chocolate, ice-cream, and aperitif snacks;

* Eat vegetables at will and alternate the preparation: raw, cooked and as soup;

* Have two fruits a day, but not more

Choose the right cooking mode for your food

* Meat: roasted or grilled

* Fish: roasted, tinfoil cooked in the oven or microwave

* Make your seasonings and sauces as light as possible: use a little oil, butter or cream, then use lemon, yoghourt, a stock cube and soya sauce, finally season at taste with aromatic herbs and spices.

Determination above all!

While complying with these nutritional rules, to lose weight it is wise choosing the right energy foods.

It is thus useful to be informed about the nutritional value of food. It’s up to you to stay motivated and not to yield to temptations. The first week will be the most difficult one, but when you notice that you lost 2 pounds already, you will keep going. Small variations during your weight loss period are allowed as long as they are exceptional. You will need to find the right balance without falling into food obsession or frustration. If you don’t find this balance you will probabely start to nibble impulsively after which you will feel guilty and deprive you from any food and … fall into a totally unproductive cycle compared to your weight loss objective!

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