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Vaccine Choice – You Have Options and Rights


As a parent, it was important for me to know that I have options when it comes to vaccine choice. In my decision to vaccinate or not I figured it best to know my rights in order to make the correct choices for my children.

A lot of parents, like me, may decide they don’t want to give all the so-called ‘recommended vaccines.’ However, many are surprised that they can actually decide whether their child has one, some or even none of the vaccinations that are endorsed and enforced upon them.

First and foremost, it is you who are responsible for the health of your children. Don’t let anyone try to coerce you into believing you do not have control here. It is still your decision to make a vaccine choice.

Who is going to be the one do deal with the issues and aftermath of vaccinating should your child suffer a dramatic and tragic reaction? You are! Sure, doctors may be compassionate, but they are not taking the blame here nor are they going to take any personal involvement.

You will more likely than not be told it is simply ‘collateral damage’ in the overall picture to keep diseases at bay.

Be informed and consider that some vaccines obviously represent more of a threat to a child’s body. Not to say that all vaccines are not toxic, but for argument’s sake there are some know to have more adverse affects than others.

It seems that long-term risks are mostly unknown, thus many parents tend to make vaccine choices based on what they have learned about short-term reactions that have been caused.

For instance, did you know that the pertussis, measles, and rubella vaccines tend to cause more immediate reactions than other? But hepatitis and polio vaccines can result in serious illness, too.

Do a bit of research and you will discover that the pertussis vaccine is avoided the most. This is probably because of the reports of horrific reactions including death, epilepsy, and retardation. And consider that many foreign countries have dumped the pertussis vaccine.

This alone had me scared! Why would our country continue to use a vaccine that the rest of the world has abandoned? I will stand my ground and stay concerned about possible reactions from vaccinating my children regardless of the denial coming from the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries.

Thankfully, I have learned that I can pick and choose from the list of recommend vaccines. Also, that I can refuse all of them based on my own individual family’s needs and eye-opening research.

You may decide that some diseases may be more of a threat to your child that you are willing to risk the adverse effects of the vaccine. Just know it is your choice. Some parents who refuse every other vaccine choose to give one or two specific shots.

For example, tetanus is a commonly given vaccine among parents who refuse the others. This is one that has been known to have fewer reactions than others. And it prevents against a life-threatening situation.

Some parents travel extensively to areas of the world where polio still exist. This may be cause for considering giving that specific vaccine even knowing that polio doesn’t exist in their home country.

No matter the reasons you may have for vaccinating or not, it is important to know your rights. Having a vaccine choice means you remain in control of your child’s health.

Source by Lisa Griffiths

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