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The Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods For The Skin


What you eat can have a profound effect on the look of your skin and can greatly affect how well your skin ages, according to Dr. Nicholas Perricone.

Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be as there’s more and more evidence now that suggests that this is certainly the case!

Dr. Perricone, known for bestselling books “The Wrinkle Cure” and “The Perricone Prescription”, says that eating the right foods throughout life, in particular the “superfoods”, can help reduce cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, keep your organs working smoothly and help prevent a host of diseases ranging from diabetes to obesity.

The superfoods work so well because they contain healthy amounts of Essential Fatty Acids, antioxidants or fiber. In some cases, they contain two of the three or all three. These three things – the EFAs, antioxidants, and fiber – provide the body with all it needs, helping cells repair themselves, keep the digestive system regular and healthy and helping to reduce wrinkles.

If you include a good sampling of these foods in your daily diet, you will age better, have smoother and younger-looking skin, and be able to combat a host of illnesses.

What are the top 10 superfoods that Dr. Perricone recommends? They include:

Green foods — Including barley grass, wheat grass and other green foods. Green foods are shown to have beneficial effects on cholesterol, cancer prevention, immune response and blood pressure.

Barley — A great source of soluble and insoluble fiber, Barley is low glycemic. It helps to regulate blood sugar, metabolize fats and lower blood cholesterol.

Acai -This little berry, which is found on a special palm tree in the Amazon, is full of antioxidants and EFAs.

Allium family – Including garlic, onions, chives, shallots and leeks, this family of foods provides powerful antioxidants that help the liver function better.

Beans/Lentils – Packed with antioxidants and low GI, beans are a versatile powerhouse food.

Sprouts – Sprouts are a great source of protein and Vitamin C, and other nutrients.

Hot Peppers – Hot peppers are full of antioxidants but are also full of compounds called capsaicinoids. Capsaicinoids have heart-healthy, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Buckwheat – Though not a true grain, buckwheat is used like one in cooking and is more healthful than rice, corn and wheat, and provides no spike in blood sugar levels.

Yogurt/Kefir – These cultured foods are considered ideal for optimum health and help to promote good health thanks to the live cultures inherent in them.

Nuts & Seeds – Thanks to the Essential Fatty Acids and other good qualities of nuts and seeds, they are considered one of the great superfoods. They also help to promote healthy skin.

In particular, pay close attention to the suggestion regarding beans and lentils! Beans are full of fiber, EFSs and protein. They are inexpensive, versatile and can provide a complete protein when combined with a grain.

One of the greatest benefits of beans is their antioxidant values. Beans contain the same anti-inflammatory antioxidants (flavonoids and flavanols) that are found in grapes, red wine, tea and cocoa beans. The reddish pigments in the coats of beans and lentils contain antioxidants at an intensity of 50 times greater than Vitamin E.

Your skin will benefit from that antioxidant boost which also promotes healthy collagen. The powerful seed coats also help to restore the antioxidant powers of Vitamins by Vitamin Agent E and C after they have battled the free radicals in your skin.

Think of beans, then, as one of the great superfoods for your body and your skin.

So there you have it.

You now know the super foods when it comes to younger looking skin and a healthier body.

Follow Dr. Perricone’s suggestions for diet and your body and skin will look and feel better right away.

Source by Marcus Ryan

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