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The Importance of Money in Your Life and Your Mental Health


We all know how important money is. Without money we cannot do anything… However, if we only care about making money and nothing else, many parts of our lives remain unsatisfied, which can bring us various problems.

Money is not a purpose in life, but a way to manage living. It should not be more important for you than your dignity and your moral principles, and you had better accepting living poorly than steal money from other people or do dishonest things to achieve your goals.

On the other hand, you should not despise your personal life because you are too busy working in order to pay the bills, otherwise you won’t have any family. For what would you work so hard, if in the end you would be left alone? Your wife or husband needs your attention too. Your children need your presence and advice.

If you care only about having money, without dedicating any time to the people you love, they will abandon you. And in case you do make such mistake, your mental health will be damaged too. You’ll start feeling depressed, and your depression could easily become a neurosis.

The importance of money in your life has to be very well defined.

If you are obsessed about being rich and about keeping your position, you are in a very dangerous area.

Pay attention to the way you use your money if you are too rich and powerful, because you may make many serious mistakes without understanding what you are doing, and nobody will correct you. Nobody will dare to go against you if you are a millionaire, and this means that you are free to do the most horrible things, without being prevented or punished for that.

Do you think that this position is a privileged one?

You are quite wrong if you do, because when you have the power to do whatever you desire, you let your selfishness dominate you. Besides that, the people that are near you may envy you and try to take your place, betraying you.

Never abandon your moral principles! You need them in order to keep your balance.

If you are too selfish and greed characterizes your life, learn how to be generous and help the poor. They need compassion because they haven’t had the same opportunities that you had to make money, and they are not as talented as you are.

Now, in case you are like most people in this world, and you have no money, don’t feel sad about that. Be patient and work, and you’ll manage to make enough to pay for what you need. Don’t let the lack of money become a nightmare in your life.

Make a plan and try to stick to it.

The lack of money is not the worst problem you could have. Be grateful for your health, and work without resentment.

Always keep in mind that the psychological problems provoked by immorality and greed are worse than poverty, and never complain about anything.

Source by Christina Sponias

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