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How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Home Spa


These days, when our daily lives are so full of stress, we all need a place where we can go to escape, to relax, to unwind. By transforming your bathroom into a home spa, you will be creating an oasis of peace within your own home. Here are five ideas for turning your everyday bathroom into a relaxing, rejuvenating home spa.

Add a Jacuzzi Bath to your Home Spa

Soaking in a regular bathtub is nice, but sinking into the gentle massage of a Jacuzzi tub is pure heaven! A Jacuzzi tub will gently soothe away your aches and pains with its deep massaging jets. For a real home spa feeling, add some fragrant petals or just a touch of bubble bath, to the water.

Let Your Cares Evaporate with a Steam Shower

A steam shower is an easy way to incorporate the healing benefits of a health spa into your own home spa. Steam showers cleanse the skin of impurities while easing muscle tension and joint aches. The soothing steam relaxes your body and mind, and helps you sleep more soundly, making it an important addition to any home spa.

Install a Heated Floor for All-Around Luxury

There are few sensations as awful as stepping out of the embrace of your warm bath or steam shower- onto a frigidly cold floor. Installing a heated floor in your bathroom is an energy efficient way to transform a normal bathroom into a home spa. For only a few cents a day, you can add a luxurious touch to your home spa.

Stylish Towel Warmers for a True Home Spa Feeling

Anyone who has spent time in an expensive spa knows the luxury of wrapping themselves in warm, soft, fluffy towels. By adding towel warmers to your home spa, you can duplicate this sensation in your own home.

Trigger the Home Spa Sensation with Aromatherapy

With aromatherapy products, you can make your bathroom feel like a home spa tonight. Light some lavender-scented candles for relaxation, or add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to your bath for rejuvenation. Bring one of the most affordable spa secrets into your home spa today.

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